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  1. A genius. A real talent!

  2. I notice how cats like to stay/sit down around something that has a similar colour as them.
  3. Super long cat shelia. Very cute though
  4. Legacy01


    Yeah but tbh they shouldn't of sacked Sam Allardyce. To give a manager 8 months to turn the team around is wrong. Why fire the manager when your team is in 11th? 8 months isn't enough to make a real impression. They were lucky that Keegan even wanted the job, no one else wanted it.
  5. Legacy01


    Sky Sports News. Meant to say I heard it
  6. Legacy01


    Kevin Keegan announced as Newcastle's new Manager
  7. Legacy01


    I'd like to play footie in restraunts, but I'm not sure the restraunt owners would be to happy about that. Maybe putting in a little area in a restraunt where all the men could play football would be a good idea, while the ladies are eating their meals, rolling their eyes and tutting.
  8. Legacy01


    Oh okay I'm wondering who will be the next Newcastle Manager. Also wondering how good Fabio Cappelo will be as England Manager
  9. Legacy01


    Is that Rugby or Football? Sounds like Rugby
  10. "... all those moments will be lost in time - like tears in the rain." - Blade Runner. Dunno If it's a spiritual-musing quote, but I always find that scene from Bladerunner touching.
  11. invisibility! Ferrari or Lamborghini?
  12. She's gorgeous Kat. I used to have a dog like her, I dunno if it's the same breed name in Czech, over here it's called a Yorkshire terrier.
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