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  1. A genius. A real talent!

  2. You cleary didn't see the Bush thread that got removed, if you followed it you would see my point. Del was acting like a prick long before I was. Sorry if you think I'm acting horrible, but please don't get involved in something you haven't followed. Peace
  3. Did I say you were Manders? Nope, I said your President was. Don't listen to Del, who likes painting people as racists.
  4. Yeah Del I really am an anti American-bigot, but I'm only like that to Americans who act like you. Like I act to English people who act like you. Like I am to anyone, anywhere who acts like you. I'm not anti-American, I'm anti-you.
  5. I'm not happy with my country going to war manderlyh. I didn't support it right from the off, but Bush has killed so many people with his orders; I'm sure he's killed more Muslims than Suddam ever did.... Your right he may not be as extreme as Hitler, but he sure likes going around dropping bombs on people's houses.
  6. Your right manderlyh, though going to another country like Iraq and bombing people isn't a good thing right? Peace
  7. Err, right yeah... Where did I say I hate Americans? I said Del portrays his country in a bad way. Nice try Shanti.
  8. So did I, till they invaded Iraq. Perhaps I should of said the US Government or Bush?
  9. Del, I really can't be arsed to talk to you about crap that you can't admit to, *EVEN* if I was to argue back at you, you wouldn't be able to take it, and start mentioning that I'm English and I'm a royal stooge, blabla. I really don't think I could ever do a better job of painting American culture in a bad light than you consistently manage. It's over now, honestly, get over it. Don't turn another topic into spam. Peace
  10. Yeah I changed my mind soon after the PM, maybe it's because I wanted to hear what other crap you could come up with. I think the thread was pulled because you were on the border of saying racist comments. Though for the record you weren't even talking about the Topic's subject, so it was turning into spam. Though I found all your arguments quite funny really. Peace
  11. I notice how cats like to stay/sit down around something that has a similar colour as them.
  12. Super long cat shelia. Very cute though
  13. Legacy01


    Yeah but tbh they shouldn't of sacked Sam Allardyce. To give a manager 8 months to turn the team around is wrong. Why fire the manager when your team is in 11th? 8 months isn't enough to make a real impression. They were lucky that Keegan even wanted the job, no one else wanted it.
  14. Legacy01


    Sky Sports News. Meant to say I heard it
  15. Legacy01


    Kevin Keegan announced as Newcastle's new Manager
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