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  1. Welcome, this is a great place to be for a Led Zeppelin fan. You will learn so much from the forum members!!! So enjoy.
  2. I loved the video, its really nice! I would have also thought that a fan of JP made it lol .
  3. The title caught my eye and I was wondering what I would find in here, so I clicked it! Beginning looked promissing. A guy who has been drumming for 38 years, widely influenced by godly Bonzo is going to explain some of his timings, swings, give us some insight into how was Bonzo awesome...!!! COOL!!! But then the article itself started and I got a little bit disapointed. All I got from it is.... BONZO WAS FAST... well, I knew that already, thanks... . I expected something more like the talking about When The Levee Breaks, where you explained the thing with his bass drum. That one was very nice!!! I didnt know that!!! I want more of these!!! . What about Kashmir. There is a lot to talk about I think when it comes to Bonzo... At the end, where he attacks his snare drum with such an imense power and in such a speed... somewhere I have heard, that he hits it somewhat off off timing or what, but fitting it precisely, which makes it a brutal masterpiece that not many can play like him... ??? There has to be a lot more remarkables in his plays, give us some, I am sure you know much more! . Anyway, WELCOME to the board, this is a great place to be...! And please dont take my "criticism" hard, I liked what you gave us after all and I am glad you stoped by to share your thoughts about Bonzo, the greatest rock and roll drummer of all time!!! .
  4. My favourite part is the Sanfrancisco thing. It has always been. And in the SRTS film, I totaly love the part when camera looks only at Bonzo and JPJ just before that part... just wonderfull. starts at 5:40. And the 6:03 moment always elicits a smile on my face. Love it!!! This is also how I look at my drummer when we play... NO? Not? And why not? You could play it, cmon!!! . Great moment...
  5. I would have to go with Godfather. Love Star Wars too tho .
  6. Well... for me, 1) Stairway to Heaven is a song number one, best song ever, no doubt. BUT... 2) Most moving song is Since Ive been loving you - it has just so much emotions, that it beats Stairway in this way. Not as a song, but for its feeling. 3) But masterpiece? I had to vote for...... . . . . !!!NO QUARTER!!! THAT is a MASTERPIECE !!!
  7. Yeah, this, totally... I love Black Sabbath, dont get me wrong, but each and every member of Zep was way more musical than any member of Sabbath. What made Black Sabbath is the chemistry, time and aproach. What I mean is that you do not need to be a musical virtuoso to compose and play great music. It just has to work together, it has to kick ass. Black Sabbath DO kick ass... mine too .
  8. SIBLY. Just so powerfull. Dying is about emotions and this song has it for me all over the place...
  9. Shhh, it just makes my day nicer ). I dont really know what to expect. I dont expect anything. Just if anyone says there is any possibility of any announcement, I am happy to try and watch out for it ). You say there is none? Ok, np, as I said, I didnt rly expect anything anyway .
  10. It isnt worthwile starting ANY topic on this forum cos you guys just discuss everything (on the DISCUSS forum!!! WTF!!!) then!!! Get over your fucking selves man!!!! . . . Hillarious ). Anyway, back to topic... who else is at work and has one window in his/hers browser on jp.com and pressing f5 every now and then? )).
  11. Great to see another die hard fan around here:). I joined this forum back in 2007, just when it newly started, but I am fan since I was cca 11 years old. I am 29 now, so its been a while already:). Zeppelin are the greatest, that is for sure.
  12. Bass guitar. Never got a single lesson, so its self-tought only... but after 13 years of playing it, I think I can handle (still nothing extraordinary tho) .
  13. Ofc, thats what LIVE music is all about. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone messes up, only that good musicians mess less and when they do, they handle it with grace!!! There is nothing wront with talking about it. There is a lot of musicians and we are curious about every such a thing... what they did, how they handled etc and want to discuss it. Its no bashing, its pure discusion. There is no big deal about it.
  14. I was around 12 yo, which is 17 years back. I am about to grow adult in Zeppelin Time . Its definitely over 10 years as for the poll.... Led Zeppelin was my first musical mistress and was, is and forever will be nr 1 !!!
  15. Link: http://www.novinky.cz/kultura/298153-billy-joel-chysta-turne-a-vzpomina-jak-ho-nastvali-led-zeppelin.html I just came across this article. Its in Czech language, so none of you would understand it, so I will translate the part about Led Zeppelin here (the article is about Billy Joel going to perform again and that he doesnt want to play only his major hits, but also a lot of less known stuff). So, what cought my eye... what concert could he be talking about? Was there a concert in MSG where Led Zeppelin wouldnt play Whole Lotta Love or ANY of "big hits" (I asume he would be familiar at least with Stairway and DaC?!?!)??? Afaik they played Stairway on ALL the concerts since its introduction, right? Sounds weird to me...
  16. So, basically, by the end of 2013, we are going to get newly remastered albums, each with bonus tracks and prolly some "new" live recordings etc... and its gonna be supported by few concerts (or even a tour) in 2014, since Robert is free to go that year? )))). Oh boys, this warms by balls!!! . Once can dream, right?
  17. Well ok, seems like no overdubs, but the video is not 100% synced all the time imo. Ive just been hearing the bell when hes already on a cymbal or sthing:). But yet again, maybe its just in my head )).
  18. lol . Well it adds the song the base rhytm it needs. I wasnt much surprised about it:).
  19. Well in Celebration day, you can hear cow bell during the WHOLE (almost) song. And since there are a lot of shots of Jason, you can see that his hands doing all but cow bell . Yes. He did use cow bell, but only occasionally where he could, whereas in Celebration day, its been added also to all he other places where he was bussy doing other stuff ).
  20. Sure its allowed. If my response seemed like something else then explaning my point of view ONLY, then sorry, I sometines cant EXACTLY express myself in english since its not my first language.
  21. 1968 young guys from England form a band and become famous. All the world is at their feet, they drink, they drug, they sex, they party, they enjoy life. Music, addictions, serious health and drug problems, but yet again... music. They were friends too. I dont think their story is that apart... And musically?If u stick to ROCK, they were both very very different (one was a bluesy rock, other was heave, hard rock). If you stick to MUSIC, they were pretty similar (both were simply rock and roll). So yeah, if ur musical freak, and wanna look into it only musically from one point of view of who played what and how, then yes, dont put them near. If u wanna use just slightly wider retrospective, then, pardon me, but they are pretty close.
  22. Im saying that if you wanna make trios, eg. putting three bands together based on how close they are to each other with time they played in (or started), music style, popularity among certain people etc... then Led Zeppelin should be grouped with Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. For me, these three were always top three. And Led Zeppelin always a top 1 among them. So ye, I also thing that if u like Led Zeppelin, you will be more likely to like Purple and Sabbath then lets say a Britney Spears ))). But its not what you should imply from what I said previously. Got it? .
  23. Well I was never really into this song itself. I like its live renditions, cos of the medleys and interplays uve mentioned. This song put basements (along with DaC) that evolved into 30min No Quarters and other LIVE masterpieces. It shaped Zeppelin as we know it. Thats for sure, but ofc if there was no HMMT, there would be some other song they would be putting medleys into. The song itself is very easy and there is nothing special about it IMO. Ive never performed HMMT live, but IF I were to, I guess it would be just what it is. A basement for further improvisation and musical communication right on stage with other musicians up there. Nothing to really shape or rehearse, more sort of... let it flow kind of stuff. Ofc you need to rehearse it to see if it works in the band, what ideas could we work around etc etc, but it would be a LIVE song in the setlist for sure (again, cos on its own, its kinda "boring", one riff song. What makes it special is what comes with it).
  24. Ofc its Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. Cant be anything else .
  25. Yeah, this. I noticed the same. Also not sure what they did, imo they just adjusted levels and maybe fixed some timing, but its still there, just not THAT obvious...
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