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  1. Czech republic please, Czech, Czech, Czech republic please )).
  2. Nah, you can always unsubscribe, mostly its np... Problem is, that I cant open the terms and conditions link... there is no rules, there is not written when it ends, how will we get the albums if we win, how its with foreign countries etc etc etc... there is nothing....
  3. Cmon, you are smarter then replying like this . + I dont really want to argue with a Zep cappacity like you... over the internet... in this great Zep time... Lets enjoy what we are getting.
  4. She didnt quite drum out there in London, did she? . London 2007: Page, Plant, Jones, Bonham. Led Zeppelin. End of story for me .
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Khf8hw14Mwg
  6. What I said was not ment to be negative whatsoever. I hugely respect all Zeps and wouldnt ever dare to say anything negative. I said my opinion that Jasoun should be there. I came to no conclusion why he is not there. I am 100% sure hes not missing because others do not want him there...! At all... I am on a positive side, enjoying every single moment of this september .
  7. From what I´ve seen, Jason was just awesome on that night. He was part of the band and I am sure he made his dad proud. For me, Led Zeppelin existed for one more night again. And it WAS Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham. No less. As far as its a press conferenc to support promotion of this concert, Jason should be there. He was (IS!!!) part of the band. That is my opinion, feel free to disagree, but thats how I feel it.
  8. At what time is it held? And ye, Jason should be there, he "also" played after all...!
  9. BUT THIS IS TOMORROW... Tomorrow... tomorrowwwww....!!!
  10. I wonder if there is any screening in... like... central Europe? I am from Czech Republic, anyone can post any cinema having it in its program nearby? Lets post some links where you guys find them playing it!
  11. I hope some screening comes here to Czech Republic too!!!
  12. Its the FINAL COUNTDOWN... tadadááádááá... tadadatatááááá....
  13. Yep, I wanted to heroicaly reply to Knebby that complaining is going to come from some poor-minded people, some will blame Plant, some will be saying they own us something (a tour) etc... but then I also questioned myself and with honesty, I couldnt write this not being hypocrite. Well... I am not going to complain or blame anyone myself, no, but my love for the band just forces me to WISH for a tour or some more one/two/three-offs to happen... I wish they will do something more together, but ofc, if they wont, its their choice and I will respect it. All hail O2 DVD/CD!!! .
  14. I would shit my pants, run around my block three times and feel like on some weird mushrooms for few days on!!! Its not happening tho, so please stop it or I die waiting:))). It is an O2 DVD comming out (which is now more then clear) and anything on top of this would just be a blast. Okey. I say... BLAST ME! .
  15. I dont want to be rude or argue in this holy momentum of waiting for a Big Announcement... I wanna more like enjoy the fun and share the joy with all you guys here... but... I have to disagree with you here. I will be more then happy if its the O2 2007 reunion show! And IMHO I am not alone. In fact I think you are in the minority here (although to see those shows you mentioned once properly released would be awesome too). I accept Jason Bonham as Bonham and Led Zeppelin in 2007 as Led Zeppelin. For me, this was the only Led Zeppelin concert since I was alive (*1983) and overally the best concert of last decades. It had its full vibe and everything, atmosphere was electryfing and the perfarmance was astonishing. For all it was and for all it ment, it steps over anything recorded in the past and needs to be released in the first place. I will regret for the rest of my life I didnt step up and go to London even without a ticket to only try to get there somehow or nail my ear to the O2 arena to be as close as I could if I didnt make it inside. This was my only one lifetime oportunity to see a band that ment so much to me since I was a kid, band that formed who I am and what I do. I was giving my hopes to a reunion tour, but I am 99% sure I missed my opportunity and thats it. O2 DVD is something I will love and enjoy, cos even youtube clips burst my tears everytime I play them, wishing I could move back in time and try harder to get there. I cant. O2 DVD is a plaster on my wounds that would never heal. I hope it is AT LEAST the O2 DVD comming out announcement when countdown ends. Edited for some typos. English is not my native language, so please excuse some errors:).
  16. THIS!!! And I am indeed full of expactations of what is this. It IS an annoncement thats going to happen after countdown is done... but WHAT announcement? O2 DVD release? Or maybe indeed if Jason took a month off... another one off show? One off to support a DVD Release? One off to support a release and start a one last world tour??? )))!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAWAAAADAAAAA!!!!!!! So excited! .
  17. Okey. Regarding latest information that occured, I guess, "five" just means 5th aniversary of the concert. IMO the DVD is indeed going to be released this year (5th aniversary) which is going to be announced soonish. The underlined e is just the font. Not anything else. You just cant make "v" in "five" work the same way as "L" which undelines "e" in original Led Zeppelin font, or can you? . So just stop these conspiracies, I know your hopes are high now, but that doesnt really mean you need to be too:))). Peace and Love:).
  18. Im 26 years old. Zeps greatest fan for 16 years now (didnt really care about music till i was 10 and found zeppelin... thats why...).
  19. I am 26 and never seen Zep live ofcourse, but love them ever since I was 10. My wish (not only musical) is only so simple: To seem them once. Even with Jason on drums, that would count for me. That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the headline. I pray for the tour every day. I still hope this one is possible...
  20. Ok, I love Zeppelin, its the best, yes, BUT: To all those who said that none of the bands on the roadies list can even compare to Zeppelin: There was also Deep Purple mentioned. And That is my second love and, yes, in my opinion, Deep Purple can be easily compared to Zeppelin. Their music was also great. Still it is Zeppelin on top for me, but meh, Purples did their job too, so do not touch them:).
  21. For me, Led Zeppelin is Classic rock, hard rock with blues roots (so blues rock mb?). There is a lot of blues in it, just played heavilly, with some hard riffs that some call metal. For me, it is most definitelly no metal although yes, they INFLUENCED a lot of metal bands, so they can be mentioned as godfathers of metal or sthing, but not a metal band imo.
  22. My brother had IV at home and I got hooked by Stairway to heaven. I was 10. It was 15 years ago. I used to sit at our living room for hours and days listening to Stairway to heaven, when my brother came one day and asked me why dont I ever listen the other songs there as well... And so I tried it... Black dog, as the first song started and It absolutely blew me away and that began my Led Zeppelin obsession. As I said, I was 10 and year was 1993 and I live in Czech Republic, so it was kinda hard to get some more stuff. My brother had Led Zep 4 and Remasters (2CD version), which was a good start so I listened to those all the time. After some time, I remember getting TSRTS on a VHS in the poorest quality you guys can imagine. The tape was absolutelly devastated. Most of parts of the tape was unplayable, more than half of moby dick and dazed and confused had no sound nor pictures etc... mostly it was jsut chrrrr, krach, krach, chrrrrr...... but I LOVED IT, I cant even describe how many times I saw it, regardles the quality... As time went by, I chased some songs first and finally I bought all the albums... Led Zeppelin is my all time favourite. I never ever listened to any music before LZ, so they are my number one for the whole of my life... Bad side of this is, that I will never see them live. Its my absolute no1 dream, becouse music, and I love especially live music, is a great part of my life and Led Zeppelin are way on the top... I read all possible sources every day and hope to see the news that they get on tour with Jason. I 100% count Led Zeppelin with Jason as Led Zeppelin. He is as great as his father was imo. O2 was great, but I didnt get there altough I really tried to get the ticket somehow:(. So I'm still hoping...
  23. I think that LZ said that they used no strings or stuff like that whatsover. Some years back, though, Jimmy admitted using a Quartet on the tape.... So dunno if there really was an orchestra on Kashmir...
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