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  1. One of the most special and memorable evenings of my life so far. They absolutely nailed it on the night, it's just a shame there was never any sort of follow-up gig but they definitely set out what they wanted to achieve with this performance. At least we have the DVD! Treasured memories!
  2. Plant has been clever enough to never totally discount a reunion with Page. It wouldn't take much for him to come out and say "Page and I made some great music but its in the past and I've no intention of revisiting that again". Yet he has never done that because he knows the Zeppelin thing will always be a talking point for people. I can't see him ever sharing a stage with Jimmy Page again, but as long as the two of them are alive, you never know!
  3. Happy birthday Jimmy! Hope to see you back onstage where you belong this year!
  4. It was Page's band. He put it together and produced the records. It's natural that he was the dominant personality. It seems that the creative process was fairly democratic though.
  5. I can't imagine it, but in the Zeppelin world, never say never! I'd only be interested if Jones was involved, to be honest. He adds so much to their sound.
  6. The band doesn't owe anyone shit. In fact, the only thing they might owe us is to be responsible, and not tour around the world at the age of 70 singing "squeeze my lemon til the juice runs down my leg". Its 36 years since they were even a band, and some things should be left well alone. Fair play to Robert Plant for sticking to his guns over this.
  7. Its hard to know. He's been talking about new songs and a new album since 2003. He keeps bringing it up in interviews but it sounds like he doesn't really have a clue what he intends to do. I think if he wanted to be out playing, he'd be out playing. I personally believe that the only thing he's bothered with is a Led Zeppelin project, and thats never going to happen, so its a possibility that he's retired now.
  8. Quite a bit of it is a blur in my memory at this stage, but a few things stick vividly in my mind: - The nervousness going up to collect the tickets from the box office. I had a terrible fear they were going to laugh at me and tell me my booking reference was fake! - The montage and the start of Good Times, Bad Times - we actually thought there was another support act on before Zep, and were quite shocked when they actually hit the stage - One crazy guy in a stairwell in front of our seats, who danced from the first note to the last. Never stopped for one second, i dont think. - Kashmir
  9. I'm sorry to hear that, didnt know the guy but the name rings a bell for sure. May he rest in peace.
  10. Its quite frankly amazing and ridiculous that people wont let this reunion thing go. Its not happening now, and its very unlikely that it will ever happen in the future. It seems quite clear to me that Robert Plant realises how ridiculous he would look touring around the world with his shirt open singing "squeeze my lemon til the juice runs down my leg" at the age of nearly 70, and its about time alot of other people realise that the man is absolutely right. I would hate to see a reformed "Led Zeppelin" trudging around the world like the Who and the Rolling Stones sounding tired and with t
  11. Page is over 70, Jones and Plant are pushing 70. Its too late now. I for one dont want to see them falling around the stage as a parody of themselves in some kind of karaoke act. Led Zeppelin's music means a lot to me and an awful lot of people, and Plant knows this, I'm sure. Its a massive responsibility to go out and perform as Led Zeppelin, and at this point in time, its just too late. Time to let it go now.
  12. I can understand why Robert Plant has said that some of this "new" stuff being released is irrelevant to him. What exactly these "new mixes" add to the Zep catalogue when they are pretty much the very same as the original mixes, is beyond me. I love hearing alternative versions of songs but releasing alternatives mixes such as these are pretty pointless. I dont think many people would hear much difference between this and what we've been listening to all these years.
  13. Plant seems to be genuinely happy with life these days. Fair play to him!
  14. The problem for a guitarist is that without the right vehicle in which to present your music, its pretty much impossible to get out there and play. Its pretty clear that Page views Robert Plant as the only singer he wants to play with, and thats not going to happen any time soon. Plus, Page is nearly 71. It would be pretty daunting and difficult for him to go and assemble a brand new band and go out touring around the world, I'd imagine. I just cant see it happening.
  15. It was never going to be Led Zeppelin though. And if you're telling me that people wouldnt have been bothered buying tickets to see Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, then I'd have to disagree with that. To me, it just seems that Page felt pressured by the others wanting to bring random singers in, then Jones got the opportunity to join TCV and took it, because Page was dithering. Nothing more sinister to it than that.
  16. My memory of that period is that Plant released a statement wishing Page, Jones and Bonham well with any future projects. I also remember either Page or Jones saying that their plan was to start a new band (NOT called Led Zeppelin) with a new singer, write a new album and go out on tour, and play some Zep songs as part of their new band. I dont think the fact that the whole thing fell apart has anything to do with Plant. From what both parties were saying in the press, it seemed to me as if they were both happy to go their separate ways and work on their separate projects. Maybe that wasnt how
  17. There is no more gaping arsehole in the world of music than Axl Rose.
  18. Seems to me that Plant has been opening the door to working with Page again in the future, in his last couple of interviews. Whether it happens or not remains to be seen.
  19. Plant has said on numerous occasions that hes very proud of his work with Zep. Its quite possible to be proud of something you did 40 years ago, but not want to trudge around the world playing stadiums and singing "juice runs down my leg" at the age of nearly 70, you know. He's just as entitled to play the Zeppelin songs as Jimmy or JPJ. They all contributed equally so why should Plant not play these songs the way he wants to?
  20. Jesus Christ. Believe it or not, there is other musicians in the world that Plant might just want to play with, rather than going out there with Page and doing the same thing for the rest of his life. Playing with different musicians allows him a different take on the Zep material. Plant contributed just as much as the other 3 to the Zep songs so why shouldnt he go out and sing them with the band of his choosing?
  21. It took 40 years for these people to come up with this idea? Says it all really. Pure and utter crap.
  22. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/robert-plant-slams-idea-of-zeppelin-tour-im-not-part-of-a-jukebox-20140508 I just thought I'd share this article, which I find pretty interesting. Looks like there was a bit of fallout after the O2 gig between the 3 members. Interesting to hear Plant and Page talk about it in a bit of detail.
  23. mookieblaylock


    Damn right I will be. 24 has always been one of my favourite shows. Cant wait for it!
  24. Robert Plant doesnt want to tour with Zeppelin because a) he doesnt want to play to huge stadiums and try to recreate something that he and the band did when they were in their twenties and he doesnt want the media attention that a Zep tour would bring. I think these are pretty reasonable reasons for not wanting to tour, and its a shame people have to keep asking the same old question, time and time again. The O2 show was a great ending to their career as a group - a top quality performance for a good cause. People need to let it go now.
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