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  1. musically this is an original led zep song right? the robert johnson version sounds nothing like it. only the lyrics are similar. was it recorded in front of an audience? such a great song, whyd they only play it that 1 time??
  2. their bodies are smokin whoever they are!
  3. who are those 2 girls? and does anyone have more pictures of them??
  4. backstage 1975. where and who are the 2 other guys?
  5. 30 minute drum solos their onstage outfits, especially from 73-77 (except for bonzo's clockwork orange phase, that was awesome)
  6. any idea what venue this is?? i love shots like these when you can see the arena, like the photos from the forum in 1970
  7. theres a bunch of led zep songs where the title of the song was never mentioned in the song. (example: achilles last stand). if you could rename the songs based on a lyric or word that was mentioned in the song, what would they be? achilles last stand.......the mighty arms of atlas black country woman....hey hey mama black dog....steady rollin woman boogie with stu....rock on bron yr aur stomp....blue eyed merl candy store rock....sweet tooth carouselambra.....the seed dyer maker....you dont have to go fool in the rain....light of the love that i found four sticks....when the owls
  8. how underrated is this song? ive underrated it too, maybe because physical graffiti is such a monster i think this song kinda gets lost at the end of it. but damn been listening to it alot the last couple days, theres so much going on, so many little riffs and fills and solos. and bonzo is a f'ing monster. great groupie lyrics too. the fun of coming, the pain in leaving, great double meaning there haha just a minute! just a minute!
  9. but all these years i had no idea since ive been loving you wasnt 100% original
  10. only song i flat out dont like is tea for one. theres a couple others im not crazy about but still can enjoy them. tea for one? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. sounds like an awful imitation of since ive been loving you.
  11. Any soundgarden fans? Great band. Anyway their song Like Suicide is my favorite song of all time, by any band. 1 of my favorite things about led zep is they have so many songs that are so good that its impossible for anyone other than led zep to have ever written them, if that makes any sense. Kashmir, No Quarter, Achilles, etc....nobody but led zep could have written those songs. Thats what Like Suicide reminds me of, 1 of those songs that is so brilliant that no other band could ever pull off (except maybe led zep haha)
  12. Live Aid was a complete mess for a number of reasons. Plant's voice was shot from his solo tour, jimmy's guitar was horribly out of tune (its painful to listen to), and phil collins completely butchered the songs with his drumming. They never should have let phil collins play with them, that was a selfish act on phil's part wanting to be part of the historic led zep reunion and for being the only person to play at both usa and london live aid shows. The atlantic records reunion in '88 was the one they went on much later than scheduled, maybe 2 or 3 hours later, i think they went on at like
  13. In misty mountain hop the line is "im not trying to fight it", i would always sing "im not judged by you". Not even close, but sing "im not judged by you" during that part, it fits! Led Zep have gotta be right at the top of most misunderstood lyrics, custard pie is my all time fav zep song and other than "drop down" i have no clue what the lyrics are. Apparently at the end he repeats the line "id sure like a piece of your custard pie" a few times, i always thought it was "just a piece of your custard pie" Only robert plant could make "id sure like a" sound like "just" haha
  14. That was awful, i want the last 2 minutes of my life back
  15. Are the msg '73 shows the only shows led zep professionally filmed themselves? Meaning they hired a film crew, not just in-house crews like seattle and knebworth (not sure if earls court is in-house or not). Doesnt that seem weird if thats the case? By the mid-late 70s youd think they'd wanna preserve some of these shows just for themselves, not even to release commercially. They could certainly afford to, it just seems like such a waste they didnt film more stuff. Even studio sessions, it would be fascinating to see them in the studio. They knew what an amazing band they were, its just surpri
  16. Does jimmy have the rights to anything led zeppelin? Meaning could he release anything he wanted in the vaults, or would he need robert and jpj to sign off on it also? Im surprised jimmy wouldnt release more stuff from the archives, he seems so proud of led zep and their legacy and doesnt shy away from talking about it, unlike mr plant. So maybe robert is holding jimmy back on releasing stuff, if thats the case, not sure.
  17. Not sure about that. Im a huge springsteen fan, and bruce and the e street band played the summit in houston in december '78. the summit had an in-house video system, and zero footage of that show has ever been seen for 30 years. bruce's 78 tour is legendary, tons of interest in that tour among bruce fans, but nobody could get their hands on it. in november bruce is releasing a 30th anniversary box set of his 78 album darkness on the edge of town, and a dvd of that houston show from dec 78 is included. So obviously bruce's manager grabbed the tapes as soon as the show was over and sat on it fo
  18. RIP Bonzo, the greatest of all time One of my favorite things about led zep is they ended the band after bonzo died, it just says so much about bonzo and the band and what he meant to them as a musician and as a friend that they disbanded. You would think it would be an extremely difficult decision to end the most popular and successful rock band in the world, a once in a lifetime opportunity for these guys, they would never come close to being around something as good and special as led zeppelin again. But to robert jimmy and john paul it was an easy decision, and that says it all about bo
  19. My favorite led zep album, and my favorite album of all time by anyone. Interesting to see the tracklist if they just released the "new" songs, meaning the songs they recorded in '74 Custard Pie In My Time Of Dying Trampled Underfoot Kashmir In The Light Ten Years Gone The Wanton Song Sick Again Still a monster album, but the older stuff really puts it over the top for me.
  20. 1 - Custard Pie 2 - Heartbreaker 3 - Over The Hills And Far Away 4 - Fool In The Rain 5 - Kashmir
  21. what the hell does that title mean???
  22. Honestly, every song. I got into zep in the early 90s when i was 12 or 13. My brother had this "best of led zep" cassette tape that he played, only i didnt know it was led zeppelin. I was listening to the greatest music i ever heard in my life up to that point, and had no idea who it was. I asked my brother whos singing and being the typical dick older brother he said "take a guess." I had no clue and think i said billy joel or something, he said led zeppelin and i couldnt believe it. I had heard of them but just thought they were a typical "heavy metal band". Thats 1 of my favorite things abo
  23. Led Zep only getting 6 is comical, off the top of my head these should be automatics, mostly going by commercial appeal and songs you still always here on the radio. Dazed And Confused Communication Breakdown Whole Lotta Love Heartbreaker Ramble On Immigrant Song Black Dog Rock And Roll Misty Mountain Hop Stairway To Heaven Over The Hills And Far Away Kashmir That should be 12 AUTOMATICS, those songs still get tons of radio airplay. HOW IS ROCK AND ROLL NOT ON THE LIST??? thats 1 of their most covered songs, and it still gets played at sporting events all over the usa. Plus
  24. Didnt vh1 do this a few years ago? Pretty sure led zep came in at #4. They also had a "100 greatest artists in hard rock" or something like that, and led zep was #1 and sabbath #2
  25. Live Aid! agree with those who say the studio version cant be beat, have never heard a live version that tops it. I remember when i first got into zep in the early 90s and watched TSRTS for the first time, obviously was expecting plant to sing rock and roll like the studio version, i was like "what the hell is this??????????????" the australian clip from the dvd is a great version
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