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  1. Hey Strider, you probably already knew this, but I just learned that Rachael Stirling from Detectorists is Diana Rigg's real-life daughter (Diana also played her mother on the show). So it was cool that you shared that when you did!
  2. Not sure if this is the appropriate thread, but I'm listening to Dave Matthews live right now; he's doing a solo acoustic set from home in response to Coronavirus https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/dave-matthews-livestream-concert-verizon-pay-it-forward-live-234734706.html
  3. I just finished The Americans; that was brutal. Incredibly well done but I am so glad to be finished.
  4. I can't wait!! 😀 I am struggling through the Americans. This is the hardest series to watch; I keep having to take breaks because I just can't take it 🙁 Friends keep telling me to hang in there because it's so great but I'm not getting it. I'm more than halfway through but not sure I will finish; these characters are horrible!
  5. The Cure is on my bucket list for sure.
  6. It was pretty incredible! Coach Bennett is a phenomenal person and leader for the team, and it's a very humble group of kids. There are numerous interviews and articles/stories about the team and their integrity; they are simply wonderful people as well as terrific athletes. We in VA couldn't be happier for them!
  7. So happy for the 'Hoos; the team and Coach Bennett are amazing. Such an exciting and emotional win!!
  8. Hoos in the Final Four!! 😎
  9. I've just started "The Bureau"; the French spy series (watching in French w/subtitles, as my French is very rusty). Very good so far.
  10. Not sure if it's the same in the UK as the US, but it's on Amazon Prime Video here.
  11. Thanks JTM and Stryder1978! I also enjoyed 24 but I think I like Homeland better; the pace of 24 was almost too much.
  12. Thanks; I've watched the first 3-4 episodes and couldn't get into it, but I have heard good things about it.
  13. Has anyone else watched Homeland? I'm watching it now; currently in season 4 in Islamabad. Season 4 is like a totally different show than 1-3. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I also recently watched Grace & Frankie and really enjoyed that!
  14. This song feels like a morph between the Cure and the White Stripes
  15. I like the cover much better than the original. The cover: And the original:
  16. Wow, I feel like my list has totally changed since I first posted 😵 So many great new shows since then.
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