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  1. If she is truly documented as having a mental illness then she would get all the help she needs and then some, it's called "SSDI" Is she a legal citizen? Has she worked in the recent past? Now for the question of the day, if you have to ask I would say NO! If you don't want your place to smell like a litterbox I would say NO! If you don't want your favorite piece of furnurature shredded to pieces I would say NO! Basically if you don't want your home detroyed I would say NO! I don't say this to be mean, I love animals and have had dogs and cats all of my life until now mainly due to the fact I can't care for them right now so it wouldn't be good for the animal. The rest is just 50 years of experience so if you can't devote a major part of your time to caring for your pet then you shouldn't get one.
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    The replacement letter was lost in the mail
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    sorry double post
  4. Dzldoc

    R. Crumb

    Glad I got thru that phase quick! I still have my freak brothers and mr natural comics
  5. Superbowl! Superbowl! Superbowl! We Love Ya Brett but it's our turn http://www.youtube.c...h?v=zvoeeq-BH4w
  6. Welcome to the forum Diana lots of good info and people to share our love for Zeppelin.
  7. Midcity Lanes "Live Entertainment" The owner dancing on the bar lol, New Orleans can find any reason to party Mr Plant even stopped in while in town.
  8. That's nasty! Wonder how she wipes her ass?
  9. Dzldoc


    ...and ofcourse!
  10. Me neither, just clowning Never been scuba diving HYE flown in a helicopter to an offshore oil rig?
  11. I've got sunshine instead of a cloudy day!
  12. Plenty of times HYE had a threesome?
  13. Hope you are having a great day!
  14. Welcome to the forum, there are many very informative threads here and alot of misc. non-Zep stuff as well.
  15. It's the dumbing down of America I remember an episode of Leno's J-Walking he asked this woman "Who lives at 1400 Pensylvania ave?" she replied I've no idea, then Leno said here's a hint the leader of the free world her reply was still I don't know! Leno then asked who lives in a pinapple at the bottom of the sea? She immediately replied "SpongeBob!" and seemed so proud she knew that!
  16. Dzldoc

    Haiti Quake

    Linebacker Jonathan Vilma of the New Orleans Saints has ties to Haiti and has come up with a fan shirt design and portions of the procedes will go for relief aid to the victoms of Haiti. I like the design and am going to get one for myself tommorow http://www.wdsu.com/...343/detail.html
  17. Dzldoc

    Haiti Quake

    You know it's easy to be an armchair quarterback, if you are so concerned that more should/could be done then you should slide away from that computer and hop on the next plane of volunteers and see if you can do more to help.
  18. Dzldoc

    Jahfin, anyone?

    Hey bud you ever been to the NO Jazz Fest? Helluva line up this year. Last year I think one of your favs Drive by Truckers made an appearence. Haven't gone through the entire line up for this year but just the big ones would make it worth the trip. If I get my full land legs back in time I think I'll make at least one weekend
  19. Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?
  20. The Quarter is going to be lit this weekend! They may come from the land of ice and snow but they are going to be thunderstruck! when they enter our dome Guess who King Bachus is this year?
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