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  1. finally got around to watching The Wire, shame I am nearly done with it, as its awesome. Really love Boardwalk Empire - great acting, great story line, beautifully shot Don't mind Blue Bloods - not super addictive but a difference from the other cop bullshit that's been on recently. Finally - not watching yet, but will get onto it as soon as the last few episodes of the wire are done - The Falling, the BBC Series. No idea really but got highly reommended by friends
  2. finally got my shit together and started booking tickets for my next gigs.... first up english folk legends The Men they couldn't hang then The Pretty Things followed by Roger Waters then Glastonbury and to round things off for now The Black Crowes in July... 2nd half of the year to be decided soon. bring it on
  3. PS3 all the way.... Rock or Roll?
  4. just got into the Sons of Anarchy, and now can't stop watching it...good stories, some excellent performances and good fun as well when they are not busy kicking ass. the UK also just good its own HBO feeder channel called Sky Atlantic HD and they have started showing Broadwalk Empire.....looks very promising
  5. my kids (16 months old twins) sleeping through till 7am....it's been a few tricky days sleepwise recently so much appreciated
  6. on that note....what a penis Non-Football Story Of The Day 'Andreas Muller, 39, has gone to extreme lengths to win himself a car - having the word 'Mini' tattooed on to his penis. The crazy German decided to have the rather painful tattoo after a radio station ran a competition to win a £20,000 Mini Cooper. The brief: whoever pulled the craziest stunt to get the car would win. Unsurprisingly, Muller's offer to have the car manufacturer's name branded on to his penis topped the list of crazy suggestions. 'There were a lot of crazy stunts put forward by listeners, but Andreas won by a short head,' said one of the competition's organisers. Radio listeners were then treated to Muller's cries of agony while the unique piece of branding was created. Muller claims the pain was worth it, saying: 'Once I'm sitting in the car, it won't matter anymore. Then the pain will be gone and it'll be alright.' It has not been reported whether or not Mr Muller has a girlfriend' - Metro. the stupidity of people really knows no boundaries me thinks
  7. Tina Turner supported by Richard Marx for all my sins...Austria was a barren land gig wise back in the late 80ies
  8. the one really important magazine release of the last few days is of course TBL 28....the only magazine any worthy Zeppelin Fan must/should read...available from www.tblweb.com and i am not just saying this because one of my reviews is featured in it:)
  9. my one year old just got a thomas the tank engine train set from his granny, and one of the trains is called Percy....
  10. i am going to see Robert Plant tonight for the 3rd time in 2 months....that's what i call a start to the weekend
  11. here are some additions for your list that i witnessed live 2007 2007-11-05 The Borderline, London - JPJ plays mandolin with Uncle Earl - I was there and met the great man afterwards for a chat about the upcoming O2 gig etc... 2010 2010-09-17 Troxy, London - JPJ joins Dave Rawlings Machine (he played fiddle and mandolin). Later on he als joins Old Crow Medicine Show for a few songs and is part of the grande finale including OCMS, Dave Rawlings, Gillian Welch, Mumford & Sons etc....great gig here two of my photos from that night
  12. just when i thought i only had 1 gig left, 2 free tickets for the Band of Joy gig at the Roundhouse come my way.....beautiful
  13. the only question that hasn't been answered is - where is all that music you keep talking about....
  14. next gig and by the looks of it final one for 2010 is Rodrigo y Gabriela at hammersmith odeon...can't wait, i love this guys (well guy and girl). and yesterday i got my Glastonbury tickets for 2011:) result
  15. saw Band of Joy in a private gig in front of a select few (200 by my reckoning) in London, then Band of Joy again the next day at the Forum, then a week later Dave Rawlings Machine feat John Paul Jones and then the next day Korn and Ozzy @ Ozzfest London. nice weeks of gigging, time to slow down.
  16. Led Zeppelin's very first performance (as the New Yardbirds) is celebrating its 42nd birthday today. Unfortunately no audio or video is available from this amazing event, but thanks to Karen-Annette Madsen and Lars Abel there is a fantastic website remembering the occasssion. And world renowned rock photographer Jorgen Angel has some amazing photos capturing that night... http://www.teenclubs...Led_Zeppelins_f ... rsion.html http://www.angel.dk for any German speakers on the Forum here, i have translated the pages for http://www.friendsofzep.de - THE german speaking fan community for all things Zeppelin. My translation (thanks again to Karen-Annette and Lars) can be found here.... http://www.friendsofzep.de/index.php/co ... g-alles-an enjoy, and crank it up to 11
  17. i went there a couple of years ago on my zep track and it was in perfect condition for an old country pub, but i guess as there isn't too much around it (locals) it served mainly as a pub along the way for people going somewhere and therefore business tried up...like for so many pubs here in england at the mo (rumours suggest 11 pubs a day are closing)...
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