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    Music, people, literature, and life itself...hippie, 60-70s, rock-n-roll

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  1. Happy birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Very funny, it's raining and I have nothing to do, then I arrived here...what a Profile yours! The photo, an e-mail of a 'wild lady'...and your 'about me' has the same words than mine!

    It was impossible to me not writing to you.

    Regards from Brazil and good night young russian girl...


  4. Hey, just realised I had not added you. I was reading all your kind comments in the Caption Thread. Thanks hunny. Richard. xx

  5. Hi there!! I've noticed that you are russian, well so am I ^^!! Well, my parents are from there, but I was born here in America C:!

  6. maureen

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Hello everybody!!! it's a long time since I last was here!!! There's a couple of pics, you may have seen 'em, almost for sure you have....but you're bound to enjoy it anyway)))
  7. maureen

    Hi everyone form RUSSIA

    In fact we're much more than 4 here! тоже рада, очень!..
  8. maureen

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Aaawww...I'been out for a week and it's always nice to discover many new pictures of Robert when I'm back. Thanks everybody!
  9. maureen

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Oh dear....I've lost my breath...stunning....amazing....thank you)))) this Lion is really special)))
  10. maureen

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Welcome back, dear! Enjoy the pictures)))))))))
  11. maureen

    Question For The Young 'uns

    Nice thread, Bonzoholic! I'm 18 and I have been listening to them for many years already. Actually there were some other bands that interested me, and there are such bands, but soon I get tired of them. And Led Zeppelin is always like a fresh breath, something that remains the same. I guess they give me something nobody else can give. There is whole lotta love, whole lotta magic in their music, in every single sound, in stunning athmosphere. Today nobody's able to create something like that. There are so many bands trying to copy their music, the whole stuff, but they can't succed. Talented people just had met and created a whole world, they are Gods in it and today nobody can approach it and find the mystery to break it and see what's inside. It's hard to explain what it's about them. Just Led Zeppelin. Just magic. Just the best band ever.
  12. maureen

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Roxie, that's cool))))) great pic! and quite right - 60 and sexy...)))
  13. maureen


    Happy Birthday, the most wonderful singer ever!!!! Long Live Robert Plant!
  14. maureen

    Hot Pics of Robert

    "let me say my one desire...you've just set my soul on fire..."
  15. maureen

    The Ossetian Conflic

    Probably not links but extracts, you know. She told me she had posted something proving our opinion, but I haven't look at it to see what exactly. But I'll ask her ok?