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  1. Hello everybody!!! it's a long time since I last was here!!! There's a couple of pics, you may have seen 'em, almost for sure you have....but you're bound to enjoy it anyway)))
  2. In fact we're much more than 4 here! тоже рада, очень!..
  3. Aaawww...I'been out for a week and it's always nice to discover many new pictures of Robert when I'm back. Thanks everybody!
  4. Oh dear....I've lost my breath...stunning....amazing....thank you)))) this Lion is really special)))
  5. Welcome back, dear! Enjoy the pictures)))))))))
  6. Nice thread, Bonzoholic! I'm 18 and I have been listening to them for many years already. Actually there were some other bands that interested me, and there are such bands, but soon I get tired of them. And Led Zeppelin is always like a fresh breath, something that remains the same. I guess they give me something nobody else can give. There is whole lotta love, whole lotta magic in their music, in every single sound, in stunning athmosphere. Today nobody's able to create something like that. There are so many bands trying to copy their music, the whole stuff, but they can't succed. Talented pe
  7. Roxie, that's cool))))) great pic! and quite right - 60 and sexy...)))
  8. Happy Birthday, the most wonderful singer ever!!!! Long Live Robert Plant!
  9. "let me say my one desire...you've just set my soul on fire..."
  10. Probably not links but extracts, you know. She told me she had posted something proving our opinion, but I haven't look at it to see what exactly. But I'll ask her ok?
  11. Really... She told me she has anyway. I'll ask her!
  12. Thank you, Lynn)))) nice pictures...I haven't seen them before)
  13. ah sorry I don't understand you quite well...you mean there are no articles from her? (it's a girl)) if so, probably she's posted them on the thread "News that make you say WTF" or however it's called.
  14. Thank you for the article. So far I have no information concerning this situation. I'll just watch the news and hear what they say about it. But I'm sure our soldiers want to help victims. Though now I can't say anything for sure cuz I don't know what it is all about now. Thanks again for information
  15. Personally I haven't posted some articles, but as far as I know sweetagel578 has. Please look through the topic and find some.
  16. You just don't want to face some more facts... I'm tired of saying simple things, I have already said enough and sweetagel578 has posted some articles about the matter. What's the point in proving something if you simply do not want to listen to anyone who has another point of view. That's it, I'm sick of it all. We don't need nither more territory not more oil. We have enough already thanks God.
  17. maureen

    Roberts Jeans

    Woow...thank you....not jeans but who cares...)
  18. Dear, please pay attention to the fact that I do know English. Well, my English is not that perfect but I am able to read in English so don't think that I get information only from my government writen or said in Russian.
  19. Again - different sources of information...
  20. I do see your point, it's perfectly clear. You see, Russians can't deny and ignore the fact that our country is not democratic yet. There's still a great room for improvement in this sphere. I do agree with you here. But speaking about the conflict (BTW it is more than a simple conflict now), as far as we here in Russia know, the USA didn't expect us to interfere in the war. They thought we would just step aside and let them do everything they want. The Pesident of the USA said "Hey, come on, don't fight, nobody needs the war", but we're not the agressor, all we wanted to do is to help poor
  21. What's easy? It you mean the war, it is more than complicated and it would be rather wrong to think it's easy to judge now.
  22. Really wise! Good for you but be patient and don't make any conclusions till each piece of the puzzle is perfectly fixed.
  23. Dear Eternal Light, I know what they write in newspapers. I have writen many articles. There is hardly any true word.
  24. I see your point of view. I do respect your opinion, you have a right for it, that's for sure. I think you should respect us too. I'm talking about people, not our government - that's another stuff. If we say something, we have a right for it as well as you do. Personally I'm sure when I say something, and if I say something it is based on something, you know? I would never support my government if it was the agressor. Peace!
  25. It's wonderful. It really is! How people in the 21th centure do not want to live TODAY! Hey, wake up! Our country is different now, KGB maens NOTHING today, ok? And if you don't know that I suggest you avoid saying things like that, at least find out the situation at first and only then make any conclusions. Really, I don't want to offend you either but please don't talk of things you simply don't know. We don't need any territory now, Georgia does. It's too small, it needs more territory to mean anything in the world.
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