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  1. Hello everybody!!! it's a long time since I last was here!!! There's a couple of pics, you may have seen 'em, almost for sure you have....but you're bound to enjoy it anyway)))
  2. Aaawww...I'been out for a week and it's always nice to discover many new pictures of Robert when I'm back. Thanks everybody!
  3. Oh dear....I've lost my breath...stunning....amazing....thank you)))) this Lion is really special)))
  4. Welcome back, dear! Enjoy the pictures)))))))))
  5. Roxie, that's cool))))) great pic! and quite right - 60 and sexy...)))
  6. Happy Birthday, the most wonderful singer ever!!!! Long Live Robert Plant!
  7. "let me say my one desire...you've just set my soul on fire..."
  8. Thank you, Lynn)))) nice pictures...I haven't seen them before)
  9. maureen

    Roberts Jeans

    Woow...thank you....not jeans but who cares...)
  10. Oh God...thank you...thank you.......thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))))
  11. IngaMay, you look great!! We Russian girls are cool
  12. It is!!! Thanks everyone... I NEVER mind seeing his pictures again and again...and again
  13. Cool pics!! Bustle In My Hedgerow, you are very beautiful!! I adore my "long black wavy hair" (like in the song ) too!! Noora, thank you, dear
  14. maureen

    Robert's Hair

    thank you Chell...the 2nd one is amazing.
  15. maureen

    Roberts Jeans

    Long long long legs DAMN))))))))))))
  16. You're welcome! I can't get what it is in the background either. Who cares? Robert is stunning here..as usual...
  17. ...and yours disturbed me thanx everyone!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Thank you! The pictures are great indeed...and Percy...ahhh..) Post some more pics please
  19. I just love this one, I've never seen it before. Lovely! Thanx!
  20. Oh God..unbelievable! Thanx everybody!!
  21. ...you absolutely have made my day! Thank you!!!
  22. Thank you, dear! In the 1st pic both of us are wearing Rolling Stones T-Shirts and as for our jeans, there are those famous Rolling Stones lips with tongue on the back of the jeans
  23. great pics everyone!! Me and my friend in France, just a couple of pictures:
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