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  1. Oh my....err....mmm....wow...thanks
  2. Do you happen to know if they are going to Russia too?
  3. Hello! I suggest you should pay no attention to them. Elder guys and even girls like to annoy the younger ones. So please, just be yourself and be happy, they are fools)))
  4. So..please share your imopression))) Was it great, ah?))
  5. Oh my, I hope they'll do that!!! They have never playd in Russia, robably they will this time...unbelievable)
  6. YOU SEE HIM TOMORROW?!))))))))
  7. Anolte, welcome! The way you write is charming I personally think it would be a real happiness if they were again together. I'm 18 and I have seen none of them, and I would like to! That wish is normal, it is not selfish. Somebody has said it would be nice to see a New Zeppelin, Jimmy and JPJ do not need Robert. I can't agree here. There is no use in denying the fact that Led Zeppelin is Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bohnam and JPJ. That's all. Those are their own words. Even with Jason it is not Led Zeppelin, it's something new. Next step - without Plant - it's only more not Zeppelin. Ther
  8. Hello there!! I have just seen your post and wanted to say hi) welcome!!
  9. I do understand you! I'm 18) Robert is stunning, you'll find sooo many breathtaking pictures here!! Thought we already have an ambulance here so that's ok )))))))
  10. Welcome Lizzy, but looking through the pages..just be careful
  11. Thanx everybody!! MATTY PAGE, nice hat!!!)))
  12. Spacewoman, you are beautiful indeed!!! I love your blouse, it's kind of hippie style ^^ and Jimmy is wonderfull As for me, I have the figure of Slash)))
  13. thanks!!! I thought the t-shirt was suitable for Metallica concert!!))
  14. very good point. I have always found Jimmy very handsome, the most handsome in Zep... I also think Robert is the sexiest man among them. I don't know why, probably he has something more stunning and charming than beauty!
  15. The pictures are so cute!! I have a couple of photos.. I know I have posted some of my pictures before but here are some more me with my friend in "Rock bar". Nice place! in a train, me and my brother were going to Metallica concert =) that's one of my brother's guitars, it's cheap enough to take it in a train with you attention to the background))))
  16. Oh thanx dear Chell and thank you for amazing pictures...))))))))))))
  17. Oh my! I'm so glad I'm back!! I have been missing his photos...all those pictures are great... too lovely for words...and I'll say it again - Prince Charming!
  18. maureen

    Roberts Jeans

    Hello everybody!!! Finally I'm back!! My computer has been broken for more than a week! I have been missing you very much and of course pictures of Robert!))))
  19. oh Frank, you're great!! thank you!!! when I saw the 1st photo..I could hardly believe my eyes...extraorinarly beautiful.... It's such a wonderful delight to look at him...))))
  20. Recently I have had 2 dreams about him! In the 1st one we were talking sitting somewhere in my city Nizhnij Novgorod (!) oh yeah, it was amazing! he was about 22 in the dream. In the 2nd one...he kissed me!!! No comments
  21. It's the session now, I have to take so many exams...but I'm used to it, my marks are usually "ex". Nevertheless I feel very nervous all the time now. But the fact is our professor of English is an angel! Really! I have hardly met such amazing people in my life. To my utter regret, initially she was to teach us only one semester, which is over by now. Mayby she'll stay with us the next year, but we don't know yet. So it really matters to me, I need her to stay with us, as well as she wants to keep on teaching us. That's about it.
  22. Indeed Glad you're back! It's very hot in Russia too...so when I look at the last posted photo....aah...
  23. Hi Matty! I'm quite fine, thank you! And you? You've got a point! You're not a victim of fashion, which I really approve of. I know people from Texas adore this style ^^ Just remember Steve Ray Vaughan!
  24. Have you? Cool! But right you are, people are very odd here! I don't really like them. I was born in Sarov and I have been living in NN for about 8 years and I still can't get used to people in the city. there are often too strickt, too angry, ad-tempered... so unlike the other Russians!
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