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  1. hell yeah, I like that pic very much too......
  2. Yeah, those pictures are superhot. I have some more)))))
  3. I know I'm quite late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!))) All the best!!!
  4. thank you, Chell I'll post some more soon as I have found really a lot of them!
  5. Thank you! cuz I've posted them for all of you, for u to look at them!
  6. Chell, nice pictures! Hey I've post so many pictures on the previous page but seems like nobody cares((((((( :'(
  7. Oh, Dorian gray is my favourite book!!! yes, he was ugly..inside.
  8. and I can keep posting them!!!!
  9. Yahoo! I've finally found some really hot pictures!!!
  10. Hey, please stop thinking like that!! You know, when I see your picture I remember Jack Black, a great actor. He is rather cute, you do look like him in a way!
  11. Of course it has been already posted but.. who cares? it's always a pleasure to look at him so thank you)) and Spacewoman, BlackCountryWoman, thaks too for the great pictures
  12. Sorry I don't understand...the last phrase, what he will get? sorry, I know my English is not that perfect yet
  13. You've got a point! It's hard to be indiffenent when the guy you like is always saying or doing stupid things...Even though he looks like Robert, just look through Robert pictures one more time and realise that he's not better than him, so he doesn't deserve you sadness))) Peace) Oh and thank you soo much for the pictures...mmm)
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