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  1. Oh God...thank you...thank you.......thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))))
  2. Welcome! Very nice post, so great to have such a thoughtful and deep person here! Enjoy
  3. maureen

    Hello! :)

    Welcome, dear, feel at ease!!)))
  4. It's getting hot here. I just wanted to say..personally I ADORE Americans, people there are just great, I simply love them. I just don't support and do NOT respect the policy of their government. Somebody has said here...that we Russians are just the same stupid assholes (sorry) as we used to be about 40 years ago. Wrong. How do you know that? Do you really know us, Russians? If so, you wouldn't say that. We've changed a lot. Let's just try to respect each other and the most important thing - let's look at this point from DIFFERENT points of view cuz it's the only way to realise the REAL s
  5. Atlas, you are right. Thanks God there are such smart people.
  6. Not the Russian soldiers but the Goergian ones have already killed 2000 peaceful people. They have started the war, not Russia. Obvoiusly, the President of Georgia just wants to become a NATO member so he needs some territory. He wouldn't do all that stuff without support of the President of the USA. Soon everybody will know the truth. Peace.
  7. maureen

    New Member

    Welcome! Nice to see you here)
  8. maureen


    Hello!! Nice to meet you and welcome!
  9. IngaMay, you look great!! We Russian girls are cool
  10. It is!!! Thanks everyone... I NEVER mind seeing his pictures again and again...and again
  11. Cool pics!! Bustle In My Hedgerow, you are very beautiful!! I adore my "long black wavy hair" (like in the song ) too!! Noora, thank you, dear
  12. maureen

    Robert's Hair

    thank you Chell...the 2nd one is amazing.
  13. maureen

    Roberts Jeans

    Long long long legs DAMN))))))))))))
  14. You're welcome! I can't get what it is in the background either. Who cares? Robert is stunning here..as usual...
  15. ...and yours disturbed me thanx everyone!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Robert!!! Quite odd, the majority of girls here find Jimmy the sexiest member of Led Zep (judging by the poll) but this very poll shows that girls would rather marry Robert...
  17. Thank you! The pictures are great indeed...and Percy...ahhh..) Post some more pics please
  18. Hello! I'm only 18 so I do understand you - I mean it's a pity we have never seen them live...
  19. Oh..Say hi to Robert if you happen to see hi some day
  20. WOW, it's great! When I was reading it I reacalled the poem I've composed devoting to Robert
  21. I just love this one, I've never seen it before. Lovely! Thanx!
  22. Oh God..unbelievable! Thanx everybody!!
  23. I live in Nizhniy Novgorod which is situated not far from the capital. The city is famous for its fair and its autoplant. In fact my mom and dad have always been into Led Zeppelin, so me amd my elder brother couldn't avoid listening to their music all the time! Thanks God for that!! Well, I have been loving Zep since I first heard it, since my childhood! Where exactly do you live in England? GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!
  24. Welcome! I'm 18, my parents (both of them) were always into Led Zeppelin so I couldn't avoid listening to them all the time! thanx mom and dad))))
  25. ...you absolutely have made my day! Thank you!!!
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