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  1. Not been on the forum for ages...sorry. :(

  2. Happy belated Birthday!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:)))

  4. Haha, hey Ev, I did one of those once! Or at least I think I did. Needless to say, it was awesome! Tech terms and jargon end up pissing me the hell off after a while. Some older guys "jammed" with me and my bro one time, and seriously it was painful. They were all like major this and minor that, diatonic this and diatonic that. I just stood there and said "can we just freakin' jam dudes??!" Put it this way, they had far less feeling in their playing than I did. Sometimes you can really get hung up on terminology that you turn music into a science rather than an art.
  5. Emo stuff sucks ass. Erm, Nickelback, Linkin Park...all that crappy teenage music...My Chemical Romance. I mean seriously, come on...people actually like that stuff!!
  6. Went to see Dream Theater about a month ago...freakin' amazing!!
  7. On saying that JP has hybrid picked on occasion. But there are hundreds of top notch guitarists that hate it, or just plain can't do it. Some guitarists don't even touch a pick and they are awesome. So long as the song sounds great...that's the main thing. I remember my cousin watching me at a gig and we were covering Dire Straits Sultans of Swing and I was playing lead. He came up to me afterwards with a real attitude and said that I had played it all wrong. He said "The guy from Dire Straits doesn't use a pick!" I just laughed at him and asked if the song sounded right and if I had played all the solos right. He had to admit that it was right. Needless to say, I won the argument. There are some crazy fools out there! Spesh the ones like my cousin that doesn't even play guitar but is quick to criticise. So keep rocking dude! Hell, strum with a banana if you like!
  8. I end up playing tons of my stuff hybrid picking. It's a great little technique to master. But also know how to play it non-hybrid. Keeps the fingers guessing.
  9. Thanks for your great comment in the caption thread. Really appreciate it. xxx


  10. Hey, just realised I had not added you. I was reading all your kind comments in the Caption Thread. Thanks hunny. Richard. xx

  11. Defo Open C. Get a guitar pro tab. The tab I got seemed pretty accurate to me. Play it through a couple of times and you will know where its going. Google search for a good tab.
  12. I hugely reccommend a guy called Xavier Rudd. Get on YouTube and check him out. He is amazing. Great acoustic music with a good beat. Makes me feel great.
  13. No worries mate. Let us know how you get on. Once you get that then try your hand at some of Black Mountain Side or White Summer, great songs with DADGAD tuning. That is an amazing tuning. All the best
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