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  1. Not been on the forum for ages...sorry. :(

  2. Happy belated Birthday!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:)))

  4. Thanks for your great comment in the caption thread. Really appreciate it. xxx


  5. Hey, just realised I had not added you. I was reading all your kind comments in the Caption Thread. Thanks hunny. Richard. xx

  6. Awww...Rich, I loooove your new avi.And I love ya too! =]

  7. thanks for the laughs, your genuine, i hate fakes...

  8. hehee, we love you too

  9. I love Noora and Jenna. xxx lol

  10. Happy new year 2008!!!! Love, Audrey

  11. Thank you Rich! I appreciate that =)

    Merry Christmas to you

  12. Hi Rich! Wish you a merry christmas, hundreds of present, all you ever look for, health, fun and a life without big troubles! LOL Tinkerbell

  13. Love the Hippy clothing on your profile pic Noora. And thanks for the kind words in the thread...you're awesome!!

  14. Audrey is a good and accurate story teller, a kind hearted woman and has a hidden talent for making RER smile and laugh. Love ya.

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