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  1. Damn. haha. You might have to buy a record player with it then. haha. Thanks for having a look anyway!
  2. Hey everyone, Not been around these parts for a long time...but I thought I would pop back in just to tell you I have listed one of my Zeppelin vinyls on eBay for sale. ' Its the Whole Lotta Love Japanese 7" Vinyl single in unbelievable condition considering it is 41 years old. It is a reluctant sale but if you are interested then check it out: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LISTING!! Thanks folks. RED
  3. Not been on the forum for ages...sorry. :(

  4. And can someone tell my why this thread is in this forum and not the musicians one where I originally posted it I believe! Doesn't make any sense for it to be here!
  5. Just been looking at my original photos on here...they are old pics. I have so many more instruments now. I had to build a ceiling mount for my surfboard to make more room for guitars etc. I got a beautiful German hand made Weissenborn lap slide guitar the other week. SO NICE!!!
  6. I was there just the other week. I'm walking past Leeds uni all the time. Seen a few bands there too. Love these pics, thanks.
  7. Happy belated Birthday!

  8. hey y'all...cool thread, used to be a huge Trekkie. I chose Trill...which other species on DS9 has a high chance of getting into Jadzia or Ezri's underwear? Unless you are Worf...he got all the lovely ladies. I voted before I spotted shape-shifter (Founder)...they are boring, but just think of shape-shifting ability...how else would you get into Jadzia or Ezri's underwear? RER
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:)))

  10. Thanks reswati...really appreciate that comment.
  11. Been a member on here for like forever, so for those of you that know me and hopefully like me, why not drop by our website and check out the music video for our song called "Railway Mary". Thanks. Our Home Page www.echotown.co.uk Thanks folks. Our music is available on iTunes. Richard.
  12. Please re-read the advertisement. I never said the sleeve was in perfect condition, I said it had a few creases. The record itself is immaculate. And I started the bidding at that price because that is what it is valued at on a few sites. This is the first time I have sold vinyl, and I really hoped I wouldn't be selling this particular one. And it is the 28th rarest Zeppelin record. So yeah, not that rare...but there are people out there that want it.
  13. Yeah man, times are hard at the moment, so sacrifices have to be made. Loved things have to be sold to make some quick cash. Hope you manage to get another job soon. You ever thought of going self-employed?
  14. Sorry to hear about the fire mate. Hope your new house works well for you. There are more important things than Led Zeppelin, and one of those is life itself...so you may have lost your stuff but at least you are alive to re-collect.
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