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  1. Hey Jim

    Cant seem to send you PMs

    Hope all is well

  2. Allways willing to help out with research......here ya go Dont you need background info like age, education level etc otherwise all you can do is generate percentages. Even with two or three general variables your data analysis would be so much more interesting, sorry this kind of stuff is my job.
  3. My guess is it is to do with the whole clockwork orange thing that Bonzo was obsessed with at the time (it was banned in the UK) his stage gear was from the movie too.......so he probably requested it.
  4. The Loch Ness Monster is real alright. Our tourist industry depends on it.
  5. I agree with chicken Having worked in Universities and Research Institutions for years, some of the brightest people I know are not good with writing and by their own admision they write like 12 year olds. These people think in equations and greek letters (a bit that way myself) and think so far out of the box its frightening. When marking student work its nice to see good grammer and presentation and marks are awarded as such, but I would always look at scientific/mathematical content first. I am not sure in the days of spell checkers etc how much onus is placed on grammer in seco
  6. Prog rock supergroup Peter Gabriel (C 1975) - vocals Robert Fripp - guitar Chris Squire - Bass Rick Wright - keyboards Barriemore Barlow - Drums Mad rhythms in strange time signitures, avant-garde guitaring, ambient keyboards and a nutter out front...........ultimate prog!
  7. Planning the weekend trip to a remote mountain hut over coffee and biscuits.
  8. This is the Gods honest truth, whenever I wear a watch it stops working within a month. Have tried all types.
  9. Barlow was a genious, think he played on Outrider too. From Wiki on Barriemore Barlow. Barlow is known as a very technical and creative drummer. His drumming on the live album, Bursting Out, is testimony to his creative talents as a drummer. He was called "the greatest rock drummer England ever produced" by the late John Bonham.[citation needed]. Have heard this before, anyone know where the quote is from
  10. Were they any good or was it full of screaming girlies. Watched a documentary on the Sweet the other night (after buying a compilation for £4), apparantly they took it very seriously and were well rehearsed. Lets have a glam rock revival right here, right now........next up Steve harley and Cockney rebel.
  11. Well, Englishman in Scotland who spent a lot of time in Wales, mainly Haverfordwest, Aber and Snowdonia. Once had to talk a relutant girlfriend across Crib Goch. Its a beautiful part of the world, I love it.
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