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  1. I love it! I had made a drawing of that pic as well! lol, I didn't finish it tho... didn't like it much,I'm kinda awful at drawing curly hairs
  2. cool then, Welcome to the jungle!
  3. You mean the Swan Song Apollo gotta love that tattoo! I'm really looking forward to getting a portrait of Jimmy tattooed on my shoulder
  4. here's a mini caricature I made of little Robert Anthony
  5. Slimdoe

    Roberts Jeans

    wonder if y'all had seen this
  6. and he looks happy, which means he probably found a treasure already
  7. I'd choose Live at Pompeii, even tho TSRTS kicks some serious ass and I love LZ way more than Pink Floyd! But that DVD is simply amazing, the Floyds were HUGE
  8. Peep Solero, you're a genious! I love your artwork!
  9. You look awesome! I love your Zepp and Floyd clothes
  10. sure! I can try do you have any pic of it you'd want in concrete?
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