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  1. Whoever you are...STAY GONE. If you cant even know where you are or who you are. And leave me out of your dramas please? Jen
  2. Like I said. If you DO NOT BELIEVE ME. I WILL MEET YOU IN PERSON.... Is that clear to you yet? I do believe you are calling me a liar, is that correct? Jen
  3. 1. I dont know any Eddie. 2. I am sick of her ranting. 3. Send me your address sweetie. 4. I do not care who she is or what her issues are. Just find a door or something..USE IT. Jen
  4. Tell you what I will do blister/// I will meet with you IN PERSON with my husband it tow? Any country, any time, any day. I will show you who I am and what I am about to get your little arse sorted. Jen
  5. Barmate? Bring me a tall one Make it snappy pal and 20 fivers, we definatley do not wanna throw large change. Jen
  6. For some reason I like Trilogy better than Brain Salad Surgery. I dunno why, the whole album is a bit ethereal. Jen
  7. And thank you sir! I will have a pint with you one day/ Jen/
  8. Hi, I am a Marine, my father was a Marine, my brothers are Marines... Does that help any? Jen "If you need something destroyed OVERNIGHT, get a Marine."
  9. Boobies and hats. That's good... Where did that beer go you gulp all at once, then it would be like the song "Titties And Beer" eh? Jen
  10. I do believe it's sort of esoteric symbology for red dragon though which could be interpreted in many ways. I have also heard it has something to do with very very HOT. I would imagine Page or Watson would be the ones to ask. And Duncan would rather sell you the book>>> Jen
  11. I believe I have asked you 3 times to leave me alone. Is there some portion of your native tongue you do NOT comprehend? I have never heard of you, or your friends. Now shove off ok? Jen
  12. Your welcome hat boy. I will disregard you any time you care to presume? Jen
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