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  1. BledZabbath

    Red Dragon Cartel

    Jake was the best post Randy Ozzy guitarist.
  2. BledZabbath

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    Rest In Peace Peter Tork, you and the other Monkees brought a lot of enjoyment in my youth. Great music.
  3. BledZabbath

    The hermit painting

    No one know of this?^^^^
  4. BledZabbath

    I Really Miss Ronnie James DIO...

    Thanks for the great read Balthazor, Ronnie was the best, versatile and beautiful vocals, I have all his stuff from Elf to Heaven and Hell, and have heard some of his really early stuff like your above video and some Doo Wop sound stuff, the man was immensely talented.
  5. BledZabbath

    The hermit painting

    Is the Hermit on Led Zeppelin’s painting Saturn, Cronus?
  6. BledZabbath

    The Black Sabbath Thread

    You can checkout Dimeadozen and Guitars101, you have to sign up, they have bootlegs you can download.
  7. BledZabbath

    The Ozzy Osbourne Thread

    She might have a soft spot now that the man has a short time to live, despite all she’s done, she is still human. She also had cancer and knows how scary it is.
  8. BledZabbath

    The Ozzy Osbourne Thread

    That was good and kind of Ozzy and Sharon.
  9. It’s called shill bidding, it happened to me once when I bid on Black Sabbath’s autographed The End CD, that was only available at concerts, I bid up to $200, because that’s what they were going for on eBay, when I stopped bidding and lost the bid, I automatically got a second chance button pop up and got a supposed second chance to win.
  10. BledZabbath

    Random Picutre Thread

    Good one!
  11. BledZabbath

    The Black Sabbath Thread

    Thanks for posting Luvlz2.
  12. BledZabbath

    Best Jimmy Page Impersonator EVER! - Jimmy Sakurai

    I always thought Jimmy looked a little oriental, his eyes.
  13. BledZabbath

    Beautiful Women

    No I’ve never seen that, but it is funny.
  14. BledZabbath

    Beautiful Women

    I would love it, beam me up Scotty!
  15. BledZabbath

    Beautiful Women

    Nice pics Kipper.