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  1. BledZabbath

    The Ozzy Osbourne Thread

    She might have a soft spot now that the man has a short time to live, despite all she’s done, she is still human. She also had cancer and knows how scary it is.
  2. BledZabbath

    The Ozzy Osbourne Thread

    That was good and kind of Ozzy and Sharon.
  3. It’s called shill bidding, it happened to me once when I bid on Black Sabbath’s autographed The End CD, that was only available at concerts, I bid up to $200, because that’s what they were going for on eBay, when I stopped bidding and lost the bid, I automatically got a second chance button pop up and got a supposed second chance to win.
  4. BledZabbath

    Random Picutre Thread

    Good one!
  5. BledZabbath

    The Black Sabbath Thread

    Thanks for posting Luvlz2.
  6. BledZabbath

    Best Jimmy Page Impersonator EVER! - Jimmy Sakurai

    I always thought Jimmy looked a little oriental, his eyes.
  7. BledZabbath

    Beautiful Women

    No I’ve never seen that, but it is funny.
  8. BledZabbath

    Beautiful Women

    I would love it, beam me up Scotty!
  9. BledZabbath

    Beautiful Women

    Nice pics Kipper.
  10. BledZabbath

    What song is stuck in your head?

    In My Life-The Ozzy cover.
  11. BledZabbath

    Star Trek

    Yes, Liberace! Trelane always reminded me of Liberace, I mentioned John Delancie because of the Star Trek tie in of both characters, John Delancie's facial expressions at times reminded of Trelane, before I ever connected the two.
  12. BledZabbath

    Star Trek

    John DeLancie always reminded me of Trelane.
  13. BledZabbath

    Star Trek

    You would say he is Q though? At that time the term Q did not exist, Khan was a super human , super soldier, nothing like Trelane, no match.
  14. BledZabbath


    I agree with Kipper.
  15. BledZabbath

    Star Trek

    So do you take Trelane as being the original Q, that maybe that's where the writers got the idea for the Q? That was one of my favorite episodes of TOS, he always stood out in my mind as a kid. I noticed you used Trelane as your avatar, never connected you were a Star Trek fan, always though Kipper was in reference to fish as in kippers for breakfast. I take it you’re English.