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  1. To you all I speak the truth and it hurts.
  2. Anyone who doesn’t go along with the program is deemed a White Supremest. Guess you watch too much of the Jew tube.
  3. This is what Trump is trying to prevent here and these asshole liberals want to stop him, especially that stupid jew shoemaker who the Muslims if gotten the chance would behead his stupid chosen ass, and pelosi would probably be gang raped while in the process of being beheaded. Problem is innocent people get killed and these jerk off politicians who want to bring these camel jockeys here nothing happens to them because they have security up to the hilt.
  4. I gottem all brother, you name I got it when it comes to Sabbath. I also have that Judas Priest Box Set, nice one and well worth the price.
  5. Are those the Black Sabbath Deluxe Editions? I can’t read what it says on the covers.
  6. Yeah and even though I don't know off Andrew, never had heard of him till now, he's not bad, Straight To Hell is Slash playing on guitar, I've been told.
  7. He's most definitely back, can't wait to hear the entire new album.
  8. Check this new one out: Straight To Hell https://youtu.be/8oZqKtuvDx4
  9. New Day Of Errors song https://youtu.be/px6syt84c3Y awesomely heavy, love that Bill is taking this approach, hopeful we’ll be getting a new album soon.
  10. Sad news, that’s a hard one to beat. My prayers and thoughts are with him.
  11. I just bought the entire franchise minus the Rob Zombie remakes, I also bought the 2018 reboot, Halloween is my favorite slasher flick. It’s the time of the season! 🎃
  12. Amen brother, long live Chrissy Snow!!!
  13. To be honest I haven’t opened it, I’m keeping it sealed, I have all their Vinyl boxsets. So I figured why open this one?
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