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  1. Cool idea. Is your friend also a fan of Manga?
  2. I've been using henna for years, and I'm not going to stop anytime soon. Not only the colour is precious, but it's much much better than any synthetic cure or balsam. As for shampoo, I try to change the brand with every new bottle, though I usually choose from three of four favourite brands.
  3. True. Maybe some of us were a bit more naughtly. I even saved some of those stories. Though I haven't read them for years.
  4. Yes, you. And yes, you did. Nor sure why I remember it (I generally tend to remember more individual detail rather than the big picture, and this obviously got stuck in my mind). I think most of us usually kept the dirtiest thoughts to ourselves because otherwise we would have been banned pretty soon, I'm sure. Though the "shifty" smiley usually said it all, without words. Those were the days...
  5. Yeah, I'm still here. Though I'm afraid I turned to a completely worthless poster. My "pagette" days are over as well, I'm afraid.
  6. You were about to add how your post made no point so that you would contribute with another completely pointless post? Well, go ahead. Telling people to stop arguing because it's pointless and then adding that it was in fact quite pointless to say it it's pretty stupid at best, if you ask me. It's not, there's a date on top of every post we make.
  7. Ocean! Long time no see. [offtopic]How are you?[/offtopic] b_b
  8. Well, I don't blame you. I came in contact with quite a few of cows of this kind. But remember this, really talented people show, self-proclaimed "experts" talk about it.
  9. I can say that I have everything I even wanted (or getting there), but I still can't help feeling very unhappy.
  10. Well, there's no need for igniting the fight again, two weeks after it was settled, is there. Even if the previous arguing were pointless, I can't see how THIS post - 9 days after you made a comment in the Cool Pictures of Jimmy thread - could possibly carry any point...
  11. Well, try to imagine for example Scarlett Johansson looking THIS unhealthy and that's answer the sexiness. I agree about the stormtrooper outfit. There's nothing "funny" or classy about it, it's just awkwardly provocative. Agreed.
  12. I have to disagree. As much as I like Jimmy Page, I think he looks absolutely UNsexy, even pitifully, on most pics from his heroin era, including the stormtrooper series (sorry songbird). But each to their own.
  13. Me and my fiance bought a beautiful chandelier today. We chose it together. It's wonderful how we agree on so many things. His enthusiasm is also wonderful. We behave as a serious couple and we're treated that way. It's a wonderful, almost refreshing feeling. And we're going to see B.B. King tomorrow.
  14. ^ This is random, but: I've always wondered what the lady was thinking. She doesn't look like a fan of hairy guys...
  15. It's not that big. It's "womanly" big, but not "really" big. Well, either that or mine's "really big" too, because it looks pretty much the same.
  16. Good points Ev. You know, I think we were also "taking it too far" sometimes. Saying that there were independent factasy threads for the purpose is a weeny bit unfair and dishonest, because we were frequently drooling even in the HPOJ. I remember very vividly my or ocean's (for example... she was THE dirty one ) comments about "wanting to lick that nipple" and that sort of things. Although it's true that when we wanted to spend our time admiring his hairdo (for example), we just started a new thread. HOWEVER: If someone had ever told me to stop it because it was tasteless, I would have felt ashamed, not oppressed. AND, either I'm really getting old, or the overall idiocy of the comments has upgraded to a completely new level.
  17. Thunderstorms, humid air, constant rain, consequent floods in some areas. Summer idyll....
  18. It's 10 pm here. I'll be alone all night. I don't like fireworks. Though I wouldn't mind some good BBQ.
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