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  1. There are still some really good bands coming out. You just have to do alot more ''shifting through all the rubble'' now than before.

    Heres a pretty decent band I just found recently called The Black Keys .. they arent popular so they havnt been corrupted by the main stream lol. Check em out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5FW8Xo8ENo

    I'm a huge fan of the Black Keys, but I think you've missed all the awards their latest album has won and all the commercials on which the band feature these days. ;) But I'm glad you found them--now check out their earlier albums which are even better!

  2. I agree with all the great things people have said about her, but I also found her later life was admirable in many ways too--she did so much great work as an AIDS activist. RIP Liz.

  3. The 70s wasn't some kind of golden age where everything coming out was good.

    Oh God, is that true, and the same applies even more to the 60s, when people seem to be under the illusion that every song ever released was a classic. No, there was hardly any rock/pop music played on the radio at all in the UK, so we had to turn to Radio Luxembourg and then pirate radio (if you lived in the right part of the country), and even THEY played a bunch of crap as well as the good stuff. So then you had to find out what was being played in clubs, and etc. It's not like every album came out complete with a sticker saying "This is going to be a classic for the next 40 years."

  4. I live in Liverpool/Merseyside. We have The Beatles, a few half-decent bands, and Rick fucking Astley.

    Sheesh--check out what was going on there in the 60s!! Even the 70s, when I lived there, had its share of great bands, and folks like Elvis Costello, and then later there were Echo and the Bunnymen, OMD, Julian Cope and Teadrop Explodes, Flock of Seagulls, the Zutons, not to mention the wonderful Half Man Half Biscuit. And now every time I visit there's some great new band to see!

  5. Those bands are still known around the world, to all generations. And, surprise! there's a lot of excellent new music coming out too. In fact, I can't keep up with all the great new bands.

    I think you're hanging out with the wrong people. ;) It doesn't make sense to say they've never heard of those bands AND they don't want to listen to new bands. Perhaps they just don't like music?

  6. I'm posting this here because of his Zeppelin connection, and I couldn't find another thread--please move or delete if necessary.

    Jet Harris of the Shadows (I loved the Shadows :'( ) has died.


    Extract: Harris next teamed up with the former Shadows' drummer Tony Meehan. As Jet Harris and Tony Meehan, they had big hits in 1963 with Diamonds - which reached No 1 - Scarlett O'Hara and Applejack. Among those Harris had inspired to take up the electric bass was future Led Zeppelin member John Paul Jones, who was briefly a member of the Harris-Meehan touring band.

  7. Good news to report--apparently the prayers worked. Ev is much better, and as long as he continues on his current path he's been told he'll be fine and doesn't need to see the liver specialist. :) Huge improvement over the last few days, it seems, so let's all hope it continues. Hugs to you, Ev and Angi!

  8. I felt exactly the same way--I went because, let's face it, I couldn't not go, but I was dubious. As it turned out, it was a wonderful evening, and the Jason/Bonzo Moby Dick was worth the price of admission alone. (Well, that, and John and Pat trying to keep a straight face while Jason did his Gary Glitter impression . . . :D )

  9. I can imagine her to be the "I love Led Zepplin. I think he's great." Kind of fan

    Why? Just because you don't care for her music, doesn't mean she's by definition ill-informed about bands she obviously likes (and whose names she can probably spell). And I'm not a fan of hers, particularly, either.

  10. If you really sat next to these guys, is that your arm, wristband and watch in the picture? I find it somewhat remarkable that YOU sat next to these two drunk(?) guys and this also happens to be your very first post on this Led Zeppelin site/forum. Coincidence?

    Why are you talking to someone who posted here once, 3 1/2 years ago? :blink:

  11. i always thought robert would pronounce his surname as ' plaRnt", as most british people would when referring to a type of flora, but i realised he didn't when i got the 2003 DVD, and heard him introducing the band, and he said " and myself, robert plant" in the way an american ( or aussie ) would.

    A lot of areas of northern England and the Midlands pronounce it that way too. :)

    It's very often the extended "r" sound that's where the Americanization comes in, and you hear Robert do that a lot. Many British singers do it when singing American blues songs, too--for one thing, I think it's easier to sing, in the sense that it then flows more easily into the next note.

  12. Well, the Daily Mail isn't in the same category as, say, the Sun or the Daily Star (is that what it's called?). Not that I'm claiming it's a great newspaper, but there are degrees of these things.

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