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  1. It's nice to know the Bonham estate still gets royalties
  2. Yeah well said, I certainly think Robert was finished after Bonzos death, I think that after the reported non appearance of Jimmy and John Paul Jones at Roberts sons funeral Robert just didn't want to do it anymore and questioned the brotherhood of the band, he even applied to be a teacher and would have walked away from the music business altogether. I feel great pride in how they finished, and reading the statement out in that December of 1980 think they did make the correct decision. Other bands have replaced band members and carried on, good luck to them, but I'm afraid there is and never was any replacing Bonzo, although being at the O2 on that fantastic night in 2007, Jason did a mighty big job and did his dad proud.
  3. Jason has posted a great pic today of him and Pat on Facebook
  4. I donated my autographed Led Zeppelin 3 album to Jimmy's charity (The ABC Trust) and it made £3100 back in 2002
  5. Ive got tattooed on my leg down my shin theses lines " It is the summer of my smiles, flee from me keepers of the gloom"
  6. Jimmy, you would make a lot more money releasing a CD of new music or even unreleased music you must have in your vaults than releasing a box set of photos i wonder how many concert recordings on film you have that we would love to see.
  7. I mean, can you imagine walking around London , and going into a market and Jimmy was there with Ross Halfin, and you were carrying your copy of the Genesis publication, and because you couldn't afford it bought the cheap un-autographed edition, then proceeded to say to Jimmy that you have been a massive fan for the last 35 years, could you please sign my book? and he replied no, you should have bought the autrographed copy for a couple of hundred quid more.
  8. I know what your saying Steve, it's just the same feeling that's all
  9. Remember when Peter Grant went off his nut at the Bouncer in TSRTS the scene in the dressing room where he was shouting "your exploting Led Zeppelin by selling these dodgy posters, but it doesn't matter as long as you can squeeze every knickle and dime out of Led zeppelin's name" or something along those lines. Get my point guys?
  10. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, lets face it i get the impression that Jimmy's website has nothing to do with his input, it just seem's like some fan updating every day, something any of us could do, i cant exactly see Jimmy on his keyboard typing "on this day" now im getting the complete feeling of exploitation of selling items through said website. Death Wish 2 re-released, with a couple of different tracks and for a couple of hundred quid extra you can have Jimmy's autograph, Lucifer rising, his book, again for a few hundred quid more his autograph, and now this exploitation, come on Jimmy we have seen it all before, if you want to do new stuff it's entirely up to you not us, but please stop exploiting us to buy these things to make us feel like we are missing out on something and to make us feel like we are special fans if we buy them.
  11. Am i right in thinking that Jimmy would't give his Black Beauty away, and that it was actually stolen? I think Jimmy would love it back though. I remember reading somewhere where he bought it, it was off a band member where Jimmy was at the gig, and the thread that i read the guy had the reciept signed off Jimmy, i think he paid something like £185 for it in 1962. i know it was stolen sometime between sept 3-4 in 1971 from an airport
  12. http://www.rubiconhealthcare.com/?p=503
  13. The O2 Arena December 10th 2007
  14. Maybe twins lol who's jay lenno? must be someone we dont get in the uk.
  15. was any of the music in the film dubbed? did you not think the "sequences" were a bit too long, people want to see more of the band in concert, i think Roberts "sequence" spoiled The Rain Song.
  16. wow Honeydripper, i didnt know that....thanks for the info
  17. i was listning to Jimmy being interviewed on radio 1 a few years ago, and he said he still has the dragon suits etc still at home.
  18. I personally prefered the old message board, cant get used to all the new colours plus now we are all NEWBIES, opinions?
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