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  1. is six foot four, two hundred and thirty pounds of glory!!

  2. R.O.B., Dale Gribble or Rusty Shackelford perhaps..........hmmmm.
  3. Oh we will! Thanks Deborah and you have a great weekend as well
  4. I have my little man at work with me today and all the girls in my office are crushin on him. For once, I can actually get some work done
  5. The eyes, how the heck could I have ever overlooked that!
  6. I think Rogers Waters has become better looking with age where his counter-part (David Gilmour), hasn't.....from a total heterosexual point of view of course. What am I doing here?
  7. I dunno....organ meat stuffed into another organ sounds French, or Greek to me. I am Scottish/Irish descent, I wear my kilt, I like Haggis but bring hot sauce with me when I do eat it.
  8. I always loved that term....panhandle....where I lost my horse, my canteen, my dignity and my virginity all in the same day
  9. I am a Canadian wilderness kind of guy, love the woods and water, can actually live in the woods with very little... but have been known to frequent hot beaches when its cold, usually for three to four day weekends (especially).
  10. Yeah, whats up with that - having my people call his people Welcome home Magenta, hope all is okay!
  11. Saving Private Ryan The German soldier pushing his knife (slowly), into the American soldiers heart and "shhhhushing" him while he's doing it...get's me every time.
  12. Not my fave pic but it's got a "rock" feel that's for sure....and David Gilmour is one of my favourite all-time guitar players
  13. Working on a new song this morning, and almost complete - very Alice In Chains. My vocalist will shine on this one!
  14. ack-ack-ack-ack-ack-yeow, yeow, ack, ack, ack, ack....ouch!
  15. Paradise Skies - Max Webster
  16. Thought you wrote "too frisky" there for a moment Ally.....
  17. Who's #1 !!! Welcome to the LZ forum.
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