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  1. Plants take on it..."Oh Jimmy". Nuff Said
  2. Light snowflakes this morning and all is well, no real accumulation in Toronto which is nice for February. I remember as a kid, four feet of snow was the "norm" in February and used to have fun in it. As a teenager I used to host "bonfire parties", when the conditions were right and have a huge pot of spagetti or jambalya warming/cooking over the fire. We would all drink eat (smoke), and toboggan in the moonlight or fires glow, but as you get older (and wiser), we stop doing those things....ahh the wine bottles in the snow! Wanna take up snowboarding and start enjoying the winter again
  3. Partnering with a new guy (signed deal over a breakfast meeting), who will help create my new website, be my graphic designer and creative director. We're starting from the ground up, new hosting, new databases and build from there. I am confident in this guys ability to make my company shine - so I am happy this morning
  4. Good things he didn't start talking about the Colts Deborah. I would have said...okay then, I gotta go now....
  5. Great pic Deborah, should say pics but you know what I mean
  6. Great pics Patrycja, I'm just North of Bancoft in Southern kost part of Renfrew County and that's pretty much what it looks like there too
  7. Toronto in body, Valhalla in mind :)

  8. Thanks to all, including the naughty ones....you know who you are!
  9. Saw them in Toronto a few years back and the rocked! They kept coming, and coming, building momentum as the night went on. Everyone plays well in Toronto anyway
  10. Fellow dawgs and sheep!
  11. Thank you and yes, my stats are still the same! Athough some know my stats better than others
  12. I get either David Gilmour (younger days), or Sebastian Bach (a lot lately), all the freekin time
  13. ...and my boss grabbing my chopsticks to eat his lunch - starting before I could tell him that I just scratched my back with one of em.......fh.
  14. Finding my first love on the net which is a coincedence....cos the last time I say her, she was wearing fish-nets , its totally freeked me out!
  15. I have been super busy these days but....things are winding down. I hope to get better acquianted with the newbies and talk up a storm with my regular LZ forum buddies! I am back, I am good, and I still look the same
  16. A cool slideshow of Flea's CA home for sale. Leaving for the airport, have a great weekend everyone! http://www.redhotchiliocean.com/
  17. I was showing the extra small one as you drove by....I'm running, waving my armss, I looked down and thought to myself "oh bloody hell, I had to have this model in my hand as Roxie drove by - no wonder she didnt stop".
  18. How can I miss you Roxie! (did you see me running after you?)
  19. Just saw them in Toronto and they were amazing!
  20. My mom told me I could tell someone to "fuck off", once a year, but I think I'll save that for someone else - Ronniedawg. Always a favourite, I have a ton more!
  21. My ability to find stuff, sort of a radar I've always had, much like a hunting dawg. I've had that nickname since High School....you can call me Ronniedawg, Dawg or RD.
  22. I'll explain further; Im single but I do have my mistletoe belt buckle on standby, cos you just never know!
  23. what will you get your s/o for xmas? f/a!
  24. I've donned my kilt and heading to Montreal to conquer the French once in for all....then have pints with Charles to discuss the official surrender! Roxie's coming with me cos I do need a fair maiden....and someone to operate the coconuts, she found them
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