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  1. Im hoping my leafs make it in to the playoffs!
  2. I want Deborah planning my birthday parties from now on....maybe jump out of the cake too....just saying
  3. Shower, easier to fit three in...... Day or Night?
  4. Whats next?.....we have a few irons in the fire :)

  5. Hey E,

    We're almost done shooting the Goddo doc, in the studio at the moment doing the soundtrack - should be done by tomorrow then on to editing the live performance. After that, we're into the actual documentary....where the real work begins lol.

  6. Running into an old friend this morning while travelling the train downtown.
  7. I get "Sebastian Bach" all the time now that my hair is really long.........
  8. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year filled with love, happiness, success and loved ones by your side. 2011 will be my year - bad and nation wide!!
  9. Im wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas - to you and yours!
  10. I got #5 originally and have been a fan of dark stockings ever since........
  11. She reminds me of my ex....I wanna tell him to run!
  12. Taken at a friends party in the summer!
  13. Yeah, I was there for a bit and remembered why I quite playing 20 years ago....the drama. Since then, the wheels fell off (the band). Thanks Reswati!

  14. Thanks grasphinx, just trying to get through this in one piece Roxie - cant reply back......
  15. Thanks Ally - nice to see you!~
  16. Sorry for my absence all..... I've been very busy with things - filming, family and the loss of my brother, I've just been away. I've missed many on this forum (even though I dont like the new set up), so its time to play catch up!
  17. My deepest and sincere condolences to you and your family - Charles was a great man!
  18. Sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone, my absence etcetera. I have been super busy with various filming projects but for you Canadian fans (and some US fans too), I am currently working on the new Goddo documentary "In Goddo We Trust". The 35th Anniversary concert footage has been shot (and it looks amazing in HD), the post sound will be engineered by L Stu Young (from Prince, Tina Turner fame), so it will be a great looking/sounding feature! I am in the midst of doing interviews with various Canadian music icons, and storyboarding to make this into a documentary. Its been fun
  19. They should have called Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits...."just throw the rope over the barn rafters now and if you see me twitchin, it'll probably be just my nerves"........
  20. It was a bear and yes I felt surrounded, I dont want to talk about it anymore k?
  21. Looks very much like the place I lost my virginity.....
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