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  1. yep, it is brilliant. After FON it took him almost ten years to come up with another soo effort, this time in SS incarnation. Except that I still keep on guessing if he gave "29 palms" out as a gift to his Alannah lady-friend or borrowed it from her not that I am terribly puzzled, just guessing
  2. what a nice thing to say. Shall we proceed? no. Cause I don't care, including the fact that you weren't asking me a question. :P cause otherwise I would say 'not telling ya'
  3. that was epic, Strider. Thanks for sharing, it is surely appreciated!
  4. Cool picture, Love it when celebrities do no mind being photoed in their everyday lives. I don't care as to who took the picture. Good on you, Master Page
  5. driving to Band of Joy concert in Kyiv we have to go through some patch of road construction on the side, and I caught a glimpse of a huge tractor with ZEPPELIN sign on its rear. I thought I should have taken a photo, but we were running so late.
  6. Sing his heart away in Them Crooked Vultures with Jonesy while Josh is nursing a bebe)
  7. Open London 2012 Olympics with Leona Lewis OR Alisson ..wait a minute, Alisson isn't... ah, forget it ) he won't do it anyway )
  8. get himself a Twitter/ Facebook account, start posting photoes with obscene captions there... act as a stand-up comedian...or dance male Indian dances
  9. as I was saying... a small article in the local newspaper, translated loosely. (I wonder why can't we edit our own old posts any more, mods allmighty? ) Article from 'VGORODE', Kyiv "Ukraine, it’s rock’n’roll, baby": Robert Plant sang about Hobbits, danced with mic stand Kyiv has been waiting for months since the plans for The Band of Joy gig were announced in Ukraine. At last the last day of July has come! Most of the crowd that gathered in Palace Ukraina that day expected to hear Led Zeppelin all-time hits. The Band of Joy met the fans’ expectations, but only to a certain degree. Plant performed only four Led Zeppelin standards stylized as country music ballads. However, the crowd was satisfied. To say that the concert attracted many people would be an understatement - the auditory was packed to capacity. And even after the concert has started, people at the entrance to Palace Ukraina were looking for "an extra ticket." It brought together a variegated of both those who listened to Led Zeppelin during times of the Soviet Union "secretly," in their youth, and also the young ones, hooked onto the music of their parents. Some fans came to Kyiv all the way from Crimea and other parts of Ukraine, only to see their "deity." "My parents introduced me to Led Zeppelin. I have no friends in Kiev, but for the sake of Plant I could fly to the Moon," – says Michail, one of the fans of the legendary frontman. The concert was opened by the American group North Mississippi Allstars. Not did they just warm up the crowd, they brought it to boiling hot. The audience found itself in the flow of incendiary blues motifs, the guitarist pleased the crowd with a variety of guitars - from the classic guitar to a variety of bizarre-shaped ones. And then the musicians performed some of their acoustic ballads. "I am delighted to be here, but I am saddened by the events in the Lugansk region in the Eastern Ukraine" - said Robert Plant, appearing on stage. The moment of silence followed. After that, literally from the first chords, the audience fell in love with The Band. Robert Plant’s voice was the same, a little hoarse, yet so recognizable. From the start, Robert Plant worked the crowd cleverly, elegantly moving onstage, wielding mic stand like sword-fencer, crossing legs Jagger-style. The Band of Joy sang many songs of their own, including some Led Zeppelin standards. However, ardent fans still hoped to hear more of old Led Zeppelin hits. Mystic ‘Monkey’ mesmerized everyone, reigning in the total silence of the huge auditorium. - (not Kyiv, just a wonderful vid of 'Monkey' - me) The Band also performed two LOTR-related songs. The set list for Kyiv coincided with Moscow’s completely. After supposedly the last song, which has led the audience to a complete delight, the band came out for an encore. At this point nothing could stop the fans, neither angry security guards, nor the other viewers shouting "Clear the aisles!”. They sang the last two songs with the musicians, standing, dancing, stamping and clapping. After two encores The Band of Joy thanked the audience, and disappeared.
  10. nice article, with a link to 'Monkey', will provide the translation a bit later. http://kiev.vgorode.ua/news/67247/
  11. This is what I've managed to make, sounds's a disaster though, sooo turn it 'way down low' when looking it up
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