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  1. yep, it is brilliant. After FON it took him almost ten years to come up with another soo effort, this time in SS incarnation. Except that I still keep on guessing if he gave "29 palms" out as a gift to his Alannah lady-friend or borrowed it from her not that I am terribly puzzled, just guessing
  2. that was epic, Strider. Thanks for sharing, it is surely appreciated!
  3. driving to Band of Joy concert in Kyiv we have to go through some patch of road construction on the side, and I caught a glimpse of a huge tractor with ZEPPELIN sign on its rear. I thought I should have taken a photo, but we were running so late.
  4. spinning in daffodils

  5. My absolute season's favorite is Sting's exquisite "If On a Winter's Night". The rest is TCV. All of them.
  6. As a wild guess, perhaps it's a part of their name, so the full name of the Group (or the Project?) is "Them Crooked Vultures Never Deserved the Future". It is interesting, I second that.
  7. Congratulations on that, _Lena_Zep! I know what you mean I think if we were where your country is now, I'd go to Knebworth in August.
  8. Jimmy and Robert's rendition of "Calling to You" in "Live at the Shark Tank" recorded in San Jose, Ca, May 20, 1995 (I have the CD right in front of me, that's why I sound so informed ) Jimmy's presence on this track was all that was needed from the beginning, though the original version was great, too bad they could not take Nigel Kennedy with them to the Shark Tank. Well, one can't have everything
  9. Hmm, Eternal Light, I think I saw this VERY photo yesterday but slightly different angle on another site. It was captioned "Off to Summon Virgins to be Sacrificed Into Mordor" Whoever made that stuff has undeniable sense of humour
  10. to you and to the jeans
  11. Nice photoes of JPJ, just wonderful. I also love the way he looks recently with a short haircut. And I am going to close this Internet page right now, as current hot weather and looking at all kind sof pics here seem to impair my IQ and typing speed,
  12. Lovely photoes , all of them, Eternal! (suddenly remembering...)Hey, I've got a work to do to make my living! .....(another look at the thread...) no chance!
  13. According to her own site, Gabriella Cilmi was I remember we discussed her covering WLL on this forum. I am not a huge fun of Ms Cilmi, but, since we talk about The Famous ....
  14. How true, they make ME miserable indeed! (no offence to members ) Sounds like a good book!
  15. Vega

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    A Hot Cartoon of Jimmy Just thought it was nice
  16. Oh such nice photoes. those comments in some strange language below... what was their meaning, I wonder
  17. irrelevant to the thread, but i'd mention that bit of info explains to me the angels on the cover. Thanks so much for the insight, Steve! :-)
  18. I'm not sure we are talking about the same girl ....Anyway, it's not Maureen, confirmed by Knebby, so it does not matter really.
  19. well, I've been thinking... in fact, it sounds like a drink with a texture that reminds Marguerita drinks (spell?..) May be.
  20. well, unlike me you may just go there and try it yourself "Muddled" - exactly me feelings, looked in all the vocabularies available, still I'm puzzled. Squashed, perhaps? (hm, that does not sound appetizing either!)
  21. What a wonderful selection of pictures! Thank you! I just read this somewhere else, and it sort of related to these pics: Manicnirvana And what a nice sig! I seem to admire most people's sigs today. I guess it's the one you were working on laterly, is it?
  22. Vega

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    too bad for me that I read these long threads from the end (especially this long), when I read your post I thought it was Ronny James Dio!
  23. possibly, Knebby, but it's an ocean of photoes out there on 140 something pages, to remain sane I just look at those posted lately I first thought it was Maureen, then I thought no, but the girl at the pic seems to be of an Indian origin, that mislead us I guess.
  24. Never saw any of these before! I wonder what is this pic with a dancer? Some spontaneous moment during the concert?
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