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K on!


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There is a new cartoon serie coming out in Japan this April and called K on! It's a story about several school girls trying to set up their rock band. The heroine, who knows very little about rock n'roll, begins to learn and play guitar.

It's a very lighthearted and sweet cartoon serie and I've made several

screen snapshots, some scenes make me smile and some lead to me a big laugh.

This is the first time when the girls talk about rock guitarists.





The subtitle in the last picture said: I've heard there are only two kinds of rock guitarists, Jeff Beck and the others. :lol::o

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And this is when the heroine goes to buy her first guitar.

She thinks when she sees a double-neck: What for a creature can play a thing like that?



And this is the one she decides for herself. Good taste, right?


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I love those--hope we get a chance to see the series sometime! :)

:D It's such a funny story that I almost spew my tea on my laptop when I saw the double-neck scene and burst into laughter.

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