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Tyler Perry's Medea Goes to Jail


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There's a song called Nobody's Fault But Mine in the film/programme (I IMDB'd it), but the credits are for another band. So, the only connection would be that there's another band/musician that performs a song with the same title as a Zeppelin one.

damnit. That was it.

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What do you think the relationship between Tyler Perry's Medea Goes To Jail and Zep is??

No answers are dumb answers! :)

Sorry, but there's no direct Zeppelin connection here. The song was chosen with The Blind Boys of Alabama in mind.

"Nobody's Fault but Mine" is a traditional blues song that has been covered by many musicians since the late 1960s. A gospel under the title "It's Nobody's Fault but Mine" is listed in the 1924 Cleveland Library's Index to Negro Spirituals. The first known recording of this song, under the title "It's Nobody's Fault but Mine", was recorded by blues-gospel guitarist Blind Willie Johnson; the sides were recorded over the period 1927-1930. Currently Blind Wille Johnson's version is not registered with any copyright association and resides in public domain.

Zeppelin had previously included a photograph of Blind Willie Johnson on the cover of their earlier album, Led Zeppelin II, who served as an inspiration for this song.

Blind Willie Johnson was born in 1897 near Brenham, Texas (before the discovery of his death certificate, Temple, Texas had been suggested as his birthplace). When he was five, he told his father he wanted to be a preacher, and then made himself a cigar box guitar. His mother died when he was young and his father remarried soon after her death.

Johnson was not born blind, and, although it is not known how he lost his sight, Angeline Johnson provided the following account to Samuel Charters. She said when Willie was seven his father beat his stepmother after catching her going out with another man. The stepmother then picked up a handful of lye and threw it, not at Willie's father, but into the face of young Willie Johnson.

Johnson remained poor until the end of his life, preaching and singing in the streets of Beaumont, Texas to anyone who would listen. A city directory shows that in 1944, a Rev W J Johnson, undoubtedly Blind Willie, operated the House of Prayer at 1440 Forrest Street, Beaumont, Texas. This is the same address listed on Blind Willie's death certificate. In 1945, his home burned to the ground. With nowhere else to go, Johnson lived in the burned ruins of his home, sleeping on a wet bed. He lived like this until he contracted pneumonia two weeks later, and died. (The death certificate reports the cause of death as malarial fever, with syphilis and blindness as contributing factors.) In a later interview his wife said she tried to take him to a hospital but they refused to admit him because he was black, while other sources report that, according to Johnson's wife, his refusal was due to his blindness. Although there is some dispute as to where his grave is, members of the Beaumont community have committed to finding the site and preserving it.

Source: Wikipedia

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