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Hot Pics of Bonzo


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This pic is awesome. If you look closely it was published reversed. The drum kit is set up "lefty". I notice these things because I play lefty. I have seen a lot of old Peter Criss of KISS photos like this, too.


these pics are wonderful. i have to say John we all miss you so much mate you was the all time best drummer

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Downing his vodka...


You Dork that's water, do you think you play 2 effing hours drums being drunk?

How can you be so sure it's water? And was he not able to play the drums drunk? I thought I heard someone say he became "the Beast" when he was drunk and could play the drums still. Besides, that caption is only mild humour anyway. Dork. :P

Zildjian Signature "Bonham" drum sticks.


Not that it matters, but these sticks are Jason's signature sticks.

I want to thank all of you for your pics. I never saw many of these photos before. They rock!

Pop I

You're probably right, my mistake, but these are the actually sticks John Bonham used here:



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