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    Music and photography (particularly portraits). And I love Led Zep, what can I say. Their music got me through some hella tough times.

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  1. Yeahh I don't use this. Check the myspace or twitter yo.

  2. sweeeet, I posted this topic then never got on again. Totally defeated the purpose, yeah? ahh man I dunno. I'm not psyched about using this again, I prolly won't.
  3. I saw that French movie, The Class. I thought it was pretty good, but it was sort of sad how they ended it, with one girl tearing up, saying he had learned absolutely nothing over the entire year. at all. god. i think it could have been ended on a bit of a higher note.
  4. Yes. ever been completely trampled in a mosh pit?
  5. I've got a couple to talk about, on January 31st I saw one of my favourite bands, a local band called Josephine Collective. It was their drummer's last show with them. It was totally awesome, but the two opening acts, also really good local bands (Revolution 21 and Black Oxygen) took so much time, Josephine only had half an hour to play and then a couple weeks ago, on March 14th, I went to Taste of Chaos at the Beaumont Club in Kansas City. That was totally amazing. Six hours long. First band - Renae. Some Chicago band that won some battle of the bands thing and got to play a couple shows on the tour. They were generally pretty good, but their guitarist had a really… odd… stage presence. He looked like he was jigging or something, and they were playing metal. He also did this creeper stare thing every so often. Awkward. Second band - Cancer Bats. Hadn't really listened to them much before. Their name alone kinda puts me off, it's just a generally bad band name haha. They were pretty decent live though. Liam, their vocalist dropped his microphone on my face though, and I had no idea what that metal thing that hit my face was at first, ha so I grabbed it and then was like… oh shit. haha. So I threw it back at him. Third band - Pierce the Veil. Hadn't listened to them at all, but they're a little too pop punk for me. Their guitars were awesome though, they were really bright colours - bright green, red, and orange. But the singer had a really girly voice, ha so he sounded silly when he was yelling into the microphone "When I ask you a question, you say FUCK YEAH!" Fourth band - Four Year Strong. Hadn't ever listened to them, but I actually really liked them. THey had a great stage presence, were relaly fun to watch, and the music was great. [by the way, i was 2nd row, which was more like 1 1/8th row because of how close we were pushed together] I almost gave up on trying to keep a good spot during their performance though cuz some really large guy kept pushing me back, and it was kind of painful, but I did eventually get in front of him. Fifth band - Bring Me the Horizon. They are my very favourite band. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, haha. I was really pissed at first because while we were waiting for them to get onstage, I kept getting pushed farther and farther back, and I was actually really scared I was gonna end up in the mosh pit, ahha. But as soon as they got onstage and started The Comedown I got shoved all the way to the freaking front row. It was totally insane. TOTALLY insane. I was kind of disappointed because BMTH only got to play 6 songs though (if you know bring me the horizon at all, they played chelsea smile, the comedown, pray for plagues, football season is over, diamonds aren't forever, and death breath). I got some really great pictures though Sixth band - Thursday. I left the front for this one cuz I wanted to wash my face and stuff because I was insanely sweaty after four hours trying to stay standing in a fucking sea of people. I hate Thursday's recordings, but I was so surprised because they were completely amazing live. Like whoa haha. Pretty greatttt. So yup. That's it lately. Here's a few BMTH pictures:
  6. Good god, I do seem to have forgotten what a babe he is
  7. The Other Side of This Life - Jefferson Airplane
  8. holy crap, haven't talked to you in forever! how are you?

  9. Look What the Can Dragged In - The Rolling Stones
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