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WLL Medley?

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I didn't get my Mulberry Bush or Muffin Man after all...maybe next time

You must be a Zappa fan. I love the Zapp stuff. Saw Frank at the Public Auditorium in Cleveland, god I tried to make a list of all the bands I've seen and lost track long ago. Cleveland was always great pickings for rock shows. I kinda miss being there, but got too darned cold for me. Oh good to see you mate :blink::blink: PM me some time.

Rolls>> :wacko:

Currently leaving factory of the metaphysical muffin configurations>>>>

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:lol: (edit: 27th april, 1969 is one of my favorite shows and a great Mulberry Bush as well)

we can only hope so

hi everyone this is my first post.yes i was slightly disappointed at the lack of a medley during

WLL if i remember right(lot of beer afterwards)the john lee hooker bit was all we got and it was a very short burst.but thats a tiny tiny gripe honest

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