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Post a pic of your Ludwigs!


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Ludwigs are my FAVORITE drum kind, I have one and I'll post pictures of mine by tommorow, so post your specs and pictures here! :)

?1994? Ludwig Classic Drums.

Cherry Stain, Mahogany Stain, or Coral Stain finish

16x22" Kick

10x12" Rack

14x14" Floor

14x16" Floor

I recently added Floor Tom legs (They were mounted).

5x14 unknown year Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drum. Muffler taken out. Black Galaxy finish.

6x9 and 8x9 vintage late 1970's Ludwig power toms, Black finish.


A Zildjian:

14" New Beat Hats

16" Medium Thin Crash

18" Medium Thin Crash

20" Medium Ride

Zildjian ZHT:

18" China

Paiste Giant Beat:

20" Crash


Snare: Remo Coated Emperor batter, Snare Side Ambassador Resonant

Kick: Remo Coated Emperor Batter, Evans (Forgot the type) Resonant head with added vinyl sticker

Toms: Remo Coated Ambasador Batter, Ludwig stock head with "Rockers" logo resonant

Power toms: Remo CS black dot batter

Speed King Petal

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My old Ludwig Jazz kit went thru some hard times and became rusty, some peeling and warped wood, but I still use it for practice. I got behind a kit after 25+ years and needed a new set now that the band is rollin', so I got the cheapest kit they had, which is still a good kit.


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Isn't that a Ludwig accent?

Yes it is, an Accent CS. There are 3 types, a junior kit for yuoung players, a Jazz kit with smaller drums (20" bass drum, 14x5" snare 10 & 12" toms 14" floor tom) and the one I bought called Power kit. It has a 22" bass, a 14 x 6.5" snare, 12 & 13" toms, a 16" floor tom.

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Roblindbad, do the pedals change the pitch? Is that what the levers do, adjust the amount of pitch? Gimme details! :D

Ya the pedals do change the pitch. Pressing down highers the pitch, letting the pedal up lowers the pitch ... and they can get so loud

that people can hear them 3 street blocks from where you live.

I bought them so I could play Toccata by E.L.P. and are excellent to use in the tunes of my two other favourite drummers John Bonham, and Keith Moon.

I play by ear so I tune them and play away... never adjusted the pitch the other way

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well compared to the kit I used to own


a Maple Gretsch Nighthawk 2 (the same one you see Phil Collins using on the cover of Seconds Out)

13" 14" 15" 16" concert toms 18" floor tom 26" bass drum

10" 12" silver Tama concert toms

14" chrome covered brass snare drum 5 1/2" deep

Ludwig Speedking bass drum pedal

Tama Triton stands

5 cowbells

2 triangles

a wood block

13" Paiste high-hat cymbals

12" 14"16" 18" Paiste cymbals

28" Zildjian Turkish Gong

27" 29" Ludwig Dresden series Copper Tympanies

even though my present kit has less hardware to use at once

it still beats having to replace every Paiste cymbal every 3 months due to cracking and putting holes through them with my sticks while playing including skins...

sticks also break less which is a money saver

the electronic kit is a whole lot easier to transport than the old kit

I can play it anytime by just putting on headphones with no need to worry about disturbing the neighbours

and the electronic kit also has tympanies and gongs programmed into it

amongst many more percussive instruments than I can afford to buy at present

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This is not mine, it belongs to my friend and band mate, though it stays at my house :) This is one of only 100 kits made, each signed by Jason Bonham with the led zeppelin 1 album cover on the front head ( though my friend keeps that at home and uses a clear one). These kits were made for the 02 gig for Jason, I'm not sure how many he owns but he played one of them at 02. My buddy does have the other floor tom, just couldn't fit it onstage lol


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yea i've jammed a little bit on them, they are just so massive and beefy. huge fucking sound, I've never heard a kit like it, it literally sounds like thunder, just unbelievable. My pearl kit looks like a small toy beside the vistalite kit lol. We played a big concert hall about a month ago and they provided this huge PA system and the bassist and I both had big amps and speaker cabinets and the sound guy comes up to us on break and says he had to take the drums out of the PA because they were too loud. Mind you I was playing a vintage 100watt marshall turned all the fucking way up and our bassists had a huge bass set up. And I wonder why I'm only 25 and can't hear :(

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