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Font used on American Horror Story TV drama

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Is it just me, or did 20th Century Fox use/borrow the font off of LZIV for their TV drama, "American Horror Story"?

I think the font is known as "The Kashmir True Type" font. Brian Davies may be the originator?

They're not identical, but close enough.

Even so, seems sort of like a cheap ripoff or something. Kinda cool, yet it isn't. Know what I mean?

Stay hard.


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The AHS font is a slight derivation of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Font as someone already posted. LZIV's font was very similar (alhough a serif font) to the type of Art Deco lettering which was used to advertise some of CRM's European exhibitions, but is quite different to what has become recognised as the Charles Rennie Mackintosh style. I think this is the original . . . www.crmfont.co.uk

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