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Nazareth Remember Meeting Jimmy and Robert in the Early Days


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© Dave Ling - June 2004

previously published in Classic Rock magazine

These are excerpts from a 2004 interview with Pete Agnew and Dan McCafferty of Nazareth who were reminiscing about going down to London in the early days of their career – and who they met!


“…. McCafferty and Agnew were despatched to a pub in London’s Fleet Street, then the hub of music journalism, to drum up some much-needed publicity. Whilst awaiting the journalist that would interview them they struck up a conversation with two other longhaired herberts.

“They asked us if we were in a band and when we said that we were had actually heard of Nazareth,” says Pete. “We asked them the same question, and were embarrassed to find that they were in Led Zeppelin. We were eating sausage and beans with none other than Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, but we’d never seen a picture of them.”

Interrupts Dan: “We’d actually met Robert Plant before. We lent him £15 for petrol when he was in the Band Of Joy and they played the YMCA in Kirkcaldy. We’d been the house band and they turned up from nowhere and asked if they could play for half an hour. We said, ‘Aye, we’re about to have a break’. You know what, we never got that £15 back.” “

"...Nazareth were already playing most of the songs that appeared on their breakthrough album ‘Razamanaz’, and had considered approaching Pete Townshend of The Who or Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page to produce it."

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Thanks for the post, kenog.

A friend of mine acquired a promotional copy of Razamanaz back around '72 or '73 (?) I was smitten. It's a fine album/cd in my archives and takes me back to my early teens. Also like Close Enough For Rock n Roll.

I saw Nazareth perform in Montgomery, AL, opening for Ted Nugent in 1977. Quite a show.

I believe the band has a strong following in South and Central America from what I've seen on youtube.

Well, I'm a bit off topic, but seeing it's Friday, hopefully I'll incur no penalties.

It's cool to read about the connections and such amongst musicians at all stages of their careers.

Excellent topic, kenog.

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Hah - I knew a girl who claimed she'd 'met' Nazareth backstage after a gig at Sheffield City Hall in 1979.
Each of em. One after the other.
Hey, it was the '70s and all that!
She's a grandma now - I'm guessing this's not a yarn that gets told around the Xmas dinner table...   

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