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From WYNC's Soundcheck page:


Collection of 8-track tapes (JMaz Photo/Josh Mazgelis/flickr)

In February, Soundcheck will explore the world of “supercollectors,” people who hoard vinyl records, memorabilia, concert t-shirts and other music-related items.

We want you to nominate a friend or loved one who loves to collect music stuff – perhaps to the chagrin of others. (You can also nominate yourself.) We might feature your story when our supercollectors series airs the week of February 13. See what we've received so far. Or, fill out the nomination form on the Soundcheck page.

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I really appreciate his passion. I was talking with someone online just the other day about mp3's and Neil Young's stance on them. Their response? I can't really hear a difference between a mp3 and an uncompressed music file so I don't see what all of the fuss is about. Well, I don't really hear a difference either but it doesn't mean there isn't one. By the way, this person is a "musician". It's exactly that type of lackadaisical attitude that will lead to the prevalence of mp3's. Once they become the only format available, then people will be wondering how it ever got that way. I'm not an audiophile but I say more power to people like Neil, Lou Reed and T Bone Burnett who have been pleading with the music industry bigwigs for years about the preservation of music in the highest quality available. Some people may be ok with only hearing 5% of the music when listening to mp3's but I'm not.

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