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Led Zeppelin New Album 2012?


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Maybe someone here has heard some news, I would give my right arm for this album, right now there is just a single released though, has anyone else heard anything on the news/ music news? I can't seem to find out much info,

This is what I know so far...

Behind closed doors, and unbeknownst to the media or public; An ongoing dispute has been going on between, Plant, Page, John Paul Jones and WEA and its subsidiaries jakauppa ?

Don't know exactly what it is, but from what I heard from "reliable resources", is that the 'producer' of this album, was suppose to get a substantial amount and percentage of record sales.

Vague details>The record was privately produced, an unknown investor payed approximately 40 million dollars to bring Led Zeppelin members back together to record with unlisted producer ( some say T-Bone Burnett ) at a specific location in England.

The album was suppose to be released late 2012, and information was to be released to the press, but sources say those connected with Atlantic ties, did not want to release to be digitally available on-line, and was to be pressed the old fashioned way ( some say Page wanted it this way).

Plant was supposedly " despondent" about his vocal tracks and mixes, and under specified contract guidelines was holding up the process by touring with his band.

The contract stipulated a specific date of release, and because of a "small claus" in the fine print, the producer would receive no royalties if released by later date than agreed.

The courts then ruled in favor of 1 single release with 100% proceeds going to the producer with all parties in agreement and favor.

My friend works with NME and says that this is being kept under the radar because Led Zeppelin members were all unhappy that they were basically paid money to produce something, that later they regretted, and also that the compositions were 60/ 40 Page and Jones, and Plant was left out of the creative process cutting his take down to practically nothing.

Thats all I know, anybody else have a take on this?

Its weird also because you can't actually type this name in, there are no keys on the key pad, so you have to copy this actual text...


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If it were true, you'd hear about it here first and not from some dodgy Russian internet site.

Another baseless rumour.

As much as I like Led Zeppelin I wouldn't give my right (or left for that matter), arm for anything.

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So let's see...you posted this earlier today and not only was the thread moved to the "Newbie" section, which is a sure sign the "news" you purport is baseless, but the thread was LOCKED.

Yet you persist in reposting the same rumour here again? Either you really are onto something or you're nuts.

I'll leave it to the mods to discern which.

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