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Joe Walsh


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See joewalsh.com today for the official release date of his new album and hear his new song Analog Man which has been posted to the front page and can be listened to in it's entirety for free.

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I'm much more excited about that than I am another Eagles tour.

Amen to that. I'd rather see the James Gang than empty my savings to see the Eagles. And Walsh talked about playing the small venues so it probably won't be a high dollar concert I'd think.

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The credits on barnesandnoble.com say the following people performed on the new album:

Little Richard

Jeff Lynne

Graham Nash

Ringo Starr

Joe Vitale

Kenny Passarelli

David Crosby

Jim Fox

Dale Peters

As well as others but these were the most notable.

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I just listened to the Deluxe Edition of the new album. It was really good. Has a very classic Walsh sound. If anyone is wondering whether it's worth it to buy the deluxe as opposed to the regular the song fishbone is really stupid but But I Try with Little Richard is one of the best songs on the album. So I'd buy it. Also India is the best overall song imo. Has anyone else listened to it yet?

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