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Let's Play!


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So after 16,000 posts in the "Song Name Game", I wondered what it would be like to have an actual "Song Game".

Start with a riff, or whatever and someone picks up where the last person left off.

So I'm gonna kick it off. If you don't like it, whatever, post something new, let's just get something working.

Your Turn. :popcorn2:

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Seriously? No one wants to play? Frankly, I am disappointed. -_-

Aren't a lot of you 'professional musicians'? Or don't you have time to play conjure up four beats for fun? Maybe you don't see a reason for the creativity?

Seems like this is a reoccuring event here.

From the Led Zeppelin Thread:

Good idea Betteremily, the same thing came to my mind years ago to start a thread like this, but it never materialized somehow.

This made me think that perhaps people didn't want to play Led Zeppelin music because they don't want to be judged or criticized. (like it really matters in this arena anyhow) So, I forfeited without even posting one myself.

I don't understand this? New people come to this Forum all of the time to post videos of themselves playing. (Sometimes quite badly). At least they have courage! Now we're afraid to be original? :blink: This is quite contradictory to LZ itself.

I really enjoy the "What instrument do you play?" thread. Some of us "play" like thirty damn instruments. But we never see it? :rolleyes:

Jimmy Page and no new music. Who's kidding who? We can't even do it ourselves! But we can buy the same guitars as him and dress up just like him. Do the Chuck Berry dance just like him.

Who's kidding Who?


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Too late - betteremily says she's quit here.

I shall miss her terribly, but at least she's now safe from [docron]'s evil grasp.

Fly on, my sweet angel :wave:

[grasp implies i've actually seized something]... [everyone knows it's more of an evil reach].

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Burning a candle there MM :tears: Such a shame, Her posts will be missed.


This was a great idea. Too bad no one picked up on it and the video was deleted.

Thanks, DAS. Too bad I'm no longer capable of viewing video on this website. But there's nothing stopping any of you all from picking it up! But as you might have guessed, I'm not holding my breath.

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