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Starship 1975


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January 24th, 1975 Archive of Minnesota Daily - has the only surfaced photo of Led Zeppelin Live First Date '75 Tour January 18th

Jimmy Page in Moons/Stars Trousers and Western Strip Shirt makes first appearance;

July 13, 1973 Minnesota Daily has the 1973 Tour Photo(s) with LZ Review (Pages 9, 10, and 12); (Livin' Loving Maid...reference set List is once again included, as it was of interest to fans in the '71 tour...

May 18th, 1969 Min. Daily has the advertisement for LZ Concert(Page 23)

April 3, 1970 Min. Daily has ad for LZ Concert (Page 40)

...until the Original Quality is located, this is the only source...

There are no references readily available (perhaps damaged) to the '77 Tour dates, Apr. 12, 13 that I could locate...

...sorry for any inconvenience...

A standing ovation for you!

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