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Charles J. White

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Who of you were there? Was it for the 1st or 2nd gig? What do you remember about it? What was your feeling leading up to the gig? And what were you thinking when there?

The drums on Kashmir were so powerful, they had a real swirling quality about them. Robert seemed so confident after being away for so long from the video I have seen

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It clearly had a major impact on you that you remember that much detail about the event. The few people I know who went to the gig, are almost exactly like you in that they remember every little aspect the day before, the day of, and as they left the gig. I wish I would have been there.

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I was also at the first show. This is what i can remember:

Anne Nightingale announcing on The Old Grey Whistle Test the band were to play Knebworth.

My mates phoning me at 11.00pm waking up the folks

Everyone talking about at school next day

Buying tickets at paperchase store in Manchester

Going to the Pheonix rock club the night before

Piccadilly gardens being full of heads waiting for the coaches south

Smoking weed on the bus

Bus stopping every 10 mins so people could take a piss

The lads from Leigh Lancashire who kept singing " We're Rugby"

Getting off the coach to a hot morning

Chas & Dave singing Rabbit Rabbit

Getting near the front for Utopia who were great

Almost getting hit by cans of beer ( empty and full)

The americans smoking dope through an apple

Sharing Joints with an Italian before the show


Nobodys fault but mine

The Laser effects

The explosions in Kashmir

Whole Lotta Love being fantastic

The fires being lit

You'll Never Walk Alone

Staying to the last

Coaches leaving without us

Sleeping on the Motorway

Home - Best day of my life

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^ I was at a gig for Bone Thugs in Harmony (I was dating a German woman at the time, what a guy will do for his lady) years ago and a handicapped (paraplegic) girl was smoking weed out of a potato??? WTF??? Don't ever smoke weed out of a potato, it smells like shit! I would have said something but she was handicapped and looked like she was really enjoying herself. To each their own.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of crazy shit have you or someone you know, smoked weed from in place of a proper bong?

Just to stay on topic, I did not see them at Knebworth but my rat bastard cousin did. He worked for Digital and traveled extensively to Europe, so he had seen Zeppelin at the first Knebworth gig and at three of the Over Europe shows in 80'. I guess I can't be too pissed at him though, after all he did take me and my brother to the Easter (April 10th) 1977 Chicago show, and no, he did not smoke dope out of a potato. Actually, he did not take any drugs and only drank Italian red wine on occasion.

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Just out of curiosity, what kind of crazy shit have you or someone you know, smoked weed from in place of a proper bong?

Back in the 80's when Channel 4 started in the UK - that's right folks we only had 3 channels for TV then, They aired a brilliant series on Roots and Reggae. In one episode a few Rastas were getting their kissers around a "Kutchie". This was a hollowed out coconut, reglued back into a sphere with a chillum stuck into the top. A length of piping was inserted at the side for inhaling the smoke. Here's Bob enjoying one


We got the jist on how to do it and sat round, put on some Dub and idled the afternoons away. Bliss

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I was there the first night.

Just know that some people think it was good and don´t wanne put to much shit on your memories.So this are just my own points....nobody I talked to later

was really knocked out with their playing.

OK they were nervous but this is opposite

to a metall or at least 1970ths rockstar image with smashes hotel rooms...

I see he gig as a part of all happenings before and lateron for me and them.

the band having problems with the organizer,firedanger at the carground......

It was my first time in GB and to see my heroes.

i would have done and did everything to go there.How could I know that the trip

turned out to be more a sacrifice - instead of a celebration.

And I remember fans at the station who were nearly in tears and trance just to know

that they will see them.

It must have been this hypnotic force of the early Beatles gigs.....

Really impressive and never saw a reaction like this again.

Especially not after this gig.

Just some short memories:

-Zep was the greatest and only musicmasters that survived .They kept holding up the

flag of hughe culture against the drummachines and discomusic for me.Well I was

a bit confused to hear them recording their new LP in the Abba studio instead of Jimmys

(long dream) house studio.

-so i took my (in those days) little money not knowing how fucking expensive the place would be.

So i was forced to squatt. in london.

-heavily being ripped of twice buying the tickets

-being kicked out by the squatters just because this punks could not share my zepenthusiasmn..

-sleepless during the whole gig day

-weak setlist and list of the other bands for my taste.

A rock and roll single of zep was played through the PA at midday and got more applause than

all the other bands!

-Tod ´s encoures far too long. Zep too late onstage.

-greatest moment for me was Achilles and the laserspot on the violinbow though jimmy mocked

about this tiny laser later.

-jimmy´s amp smashed during the first track

-No full D&C ,no acoustic set,no Moby Dick

despite the promise that we´ll see all the highlights of the 1977 tour.

-just befor zep was critizised to be arrogant -tsrts....this show was the opposite.

No strenghts apart from achilles,no mysteries...

-Jimmy´s outfit was meaningless -No starsuit, no dragensuit,not even a rockersuit...

-the stagewas to high buildet (Opposite to O2 where it was too low) . I.could not see the musicians clearly wherever i stood.

So I watched the video shootings most of the time. .this was unreal as watching tv not a stageshow in front of you....but it saved the whole show and was very impressiv in these days.

-finally my sleeping bag had been accidently taken away-I was.frozen at the very bottom in the nighttime after the gig.

Fed up,broke and not dazed but confused I had a long way back to Germany where

the mocking disco movement of Boney M kept waiting for me.Not to forget that

the shortly afterwards released ITTO did not bring back my old power and did not give me the hughe reasons to strike back to the damned zep-critics.

Luckily the metallscene continued to rise a bit later-motörhead,maiden...-against the disco shit and

I am sure Zep laid the foundation stone for this with the mindblowing Achilles.

But there was also something great with K.too.I found some friends in K. and we still

are in very good contact after all this years.

And I met Robert lateron.This was an unbeleaveable,great happening and worth to go

through all that shit before -you can imagen.

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