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Jimmy Page talks to Rollingstone about Post-O2 Plans


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I'm so angry I could squeeze a grape

Do hope a wine results.

Just read this article and I have to ask you all, as you know a lot more about this than I do, Is this really the most open Page has ever been in an interview? A few points he made mystified me such as that he never felt he was in over his head with the drink and drugs. But he does mention that he's been sober for a long time now, which is how a friend of mine in AA describes his experience.

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Here's the logic I think page was operating on: OK we got Robert to agree to one show, don't talk about the future just keep focused on making this show as good as is humanly possible, give Robert as good of an experience as possible and get him excited about maybe taking this out for a spin even though Robert's always been clear that it's one show and one show only. I think Page honestly thought that after the show was such a success and they were so good, that Robert would be amped up and excited enough to bring it out on the road, maybe not for a 30 show world tour, but at least for a few performances in major cities worldwide. After the Plant/Krauss collabo started garnering huge praise, Plant likely encourage to explore this new avenue instead of going back with Led Zeppelin.

The sad thing is that the other three couldn't carry on with another lead singer. Go out, don't call it Led Zeppelin, before you do it have a heart to heart with Robert and say hey we all love playing together, if you don't want to do it, the door is still always working to collaborate, but we want to go out there, record a new record and tour and play a mix of led zeppelin and new songs and maybe solo songs from our respective careers. It's sad, that just the specter of it being "Led Zeppelin" sort of got in the way, go old school supergroup, call it Page, Jones, Bonham, Kennedy or something or come up with a name that has nothing to do with Led Zeppelin and go out there and have some fun. That would be ideal, and it seems when it didn't work out, Jonesy took his shot to go out on the road in a similar fashion with Them Crooked Vultures, too bad he couldn't get something out with Page and lil bonzo involved.

I respectfully think Jimmy, John Paul and Jason could sell out all over the world with another GREAT vocalist..maybe Female (Pink?)..QUEEN did it with out the great Freddie, and Paul Rogers did a wonderful job!

I love Zep more than any other band.(40+ years)..I am sorry to feel that Plant has become a pompus prick lately :huh:

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