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Same dates at the same venues?


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Was this done deliberately?

Haven't seen or heard anything to suggest it was deliberate. Besides, the odds of it happening given any two different tours is at worst only 365 to 1. They played the West Coast in the summer many times, dropping the odds to at worst about 90 to 1 divided by 9 (tours), or 30 to 1 divided by 9 (tours) playing the same cities in the same months in different years. I'd say the odds drop less than 30 to 1 divided by 9 (tours) in those circumstances because routing was normally the same, meaning if they hit LA mid-month in Summer one year they were likely to do so again in another.


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Anyone notice the ones in LA were both 5 years part each time?

Yeah, but again I really don't think there's anything to it beyond routing.

Eric Clapton played the Budokan on November 1 & 2 1974, then returned to play it again on November 1 & 2 1975...just a coincidence.

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