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Destroyer on Amazon


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Was on Amazon to pre order the remastered albums and saw that Destroyer was available. I started collecting bootlegs in the late 70's and we had one version of Destroyer that was not a good performance. Subsequently, I've heard other versions called Destoyer that were quite good. I believe the good show included the Nut Cracker in the NQ jam.

The version on Amazon is from 4/27, is this the good performance or not so good performance?



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When I hear the title "Destroyer" I ONLY think of ONE show: The April 27, 1977 Cleveland soundboard!!!

Yes, I'm a stickler about such things...anyone labelling the April 28, 1977 or any other date other than the April 27, 1977 concert "Destroyer" is engaging in typical Japanese bootlegger shenanigans.

April 28 is a fine performance...better than the 27th...but to any Zeppelin fan who grew up in the '70s, the Destroyer boot will always be April 27.

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