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NRL Grand Final 2014


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Today two traditional rivals battle it out in the Grand Final today.

South Sydney around since1908, then when the corporates stepped in and "restructured" the game and downsizing the competition by forcing other foundation clubs to either merge or fold in 1999.

The Rabbitohs were named after rabbit (an introduced species by the British) hunters who sold fresh meat from their horse driven wagons that lasted until the Depression of the '30's.

My late father followed them all his life.

South Sydney were kicked out of the competition which resulted in them winning a 3 year court battle and being reinstated in 2002.

The club is steeped in League folk lore.

Both First and Reserve Grade teams (Reserve Grade was replaced after the number of teams was expanded), Won their first of 20 Premierships and going for 21 the last was 43 years ago and Runners Up 13 times.

The game was split in two with two rival competitions. The Original ARL competition retained many of their original teams with others defecting to Super League with either merged or entirely new teams. The dispute was finally settled and after.

The captain played on with a fractured jaw in the first tackle of the game to lead his team on to win the 1970 game.

Russell Crowe bought the club and have been profitable and returned them to the top after enduring .feud with the bloke who led the protests, even mortgaged his own home to support legal costs and fronted for the club after exhausting all resources and almost going into receivership.

Btw, the mascot's name is Reggie!

Canterbury/Bankstown Bulldogs.

This team was the first team that defected to Super League in 1997 which only lasted for only two seasons.

Entering the competition in 1935, have won 8.

That area of Sydney has a high Muslim communitywho are passionate followers of the game and usually well behaved but there have been incidents and with the current political climate tensions,and expectations are high.

They are not liked very much but have always been able to produce good teams and connot be ruled out at any time of a game.

Go The Bunnies!

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