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I recorded a show!

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Yes I have recorded a few shows - one I got caught: I am going to guess the year

BB King - Manchester Palace Theatre: 1986

Tina Turner: Stockport Davenport Theatre: 1983

Frank Zappa: Hammersmith Odeon. The one I got caught: 1982

Robert Plant: 2007

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Quite a few, all in Phoenix except Robert Plant in Vegas during the Dreamland tour:

My first was Jason Bonham with The Healing Sixes at the Mason Jar in Phoenix

John Paul Jones during the Zooma tour in Phoenix

Robert Plant, 1st time was in Vegas for the Dreamland tour, then 2 more times in Phoenix, once with Krauss, once with the Band Of Joy

Eric Clapton in Phoenix on the Reptile tour

Jeff Beck and BB King (when they toured together) in Phoenix

John Entwistle's last performance/appearance in Phoenix when he toured with "A Walk Down Abbey Road".

The Who once in Phoenix

Deep Purple like 3 times in Phoenix

Dio (solo) in Phoenix once

Heaven and Hell twice in Phoenix

Black Sabbath twice in Phoenix

Judas Priest twice in Phoenix

The Scorpions twice

Whitesnake once in Phoenix

Rush like 4 times or something in Phoenix, 1st time was the Vapor Trails tour.

Roger Waters, first Wall tour in Phoenix

U2 in Phoenix twice

Paul McCartney in Phoenix once

The Yardbirds in Phoenix (Birdland tour)

Bad Company a couple of times in Phoenix



There are more, just can't remember them off the top of my head.

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^Most all of the concerts I recorded were recorded in mono with this type of cassette deck. Of all the concerts I recorded just two of them I plugged in an omnipresent mic into the cassette deck, for John Paul Jones at the Web Theater in Phoenix and Rush for the Vapor Trails tour in Phoenix. As far as I know there are no recordings of those concerts in circulation. Actually a friend who transferred my John Paul Jones recording to his computer said it was just on the line of sounding professional, his final opinion was that it sounded close enough and that I should go ahead and post it. Is it even worth it to try and put them up on YouTube I wonder? I've listened to a lot of old audience recordings on YouTube and know mine sound better than some of them. Some of these concerts are getting old and it's giving me a hoarding complex.

Actually I've started working on my John Paul Jones stereo cassette recording a couple of weeks ago but have become frustrated because the process has not been very seamless, it just seems like files are piling up and it's easy to misplace them. I took a break from it and will resume later, maybe this weekend.

As I mentioned most of my recordings were made in mono, so I will use Audacity to enhance them into stereo and I will apply some of Audacity's other enhancements to try to fix em' up. I don't want to have to put in a lot of money into this but if anyone knows of audio software that may be very helpful and not too expensive or hard to use either please let me know. I think audacity should be good though...

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