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JPJ House of Blues New Orleans 2000

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Hello again folks. It's been quite a long while for me since last posting, but I just discovered this video in full and HAD to share !!!


I've been to more concerts than I can remember, but I have a good recollection of most. This one in particular holds fond memories.
I can be heard shouting at 16:29. ("John Paul , you the MAN !") and JPJ gladly acknowledges. I was aware that this was a live webcast the night of the show but it hadn't appeared on youtube until 3 weeks ago. 15 years later.
After the show my brother, some friends and I waited outside the HOB until 3 a.m. to meet JPJ, who I consider one of the greatest multi-talented musicians of the 20th century.
It's always great when an idol or hero is everything you hope they are in person and such was the case with Mr. JPJ. 
He was fantastic and such a kind, humble man. The concert, the atmosphere, pics and autographs, etc. 
It was all completely surreal and a night I will never forget.
I am beyond excited to find this Gem that is a piece of music history and precious memories for me.




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Thanks for bringing this show up, wow pro shot, watched some of this, this a.m. My god what an onslaught of heaviness....i saw one of his shows in 99 at the irving plaza and it was great. We all hung out at a close by bar to that venue, in hopes to meet jpj, apparently from what folks were sayin that night. But it totally doesnt matter, that show in such a small venue, was insane. 

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