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The solo works


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The solo stuff is good.

Plant has a compilation of a bunch of things called - 66 to Timbuktu.

Otherwise check out Pictures at 11, Manic Nirvana or Mighty Rearanger for his best.

Page did some good work with The Firm.

Mean Business is better than the first album.

The Coverdale/Page album is quite good.

John Paul Jones did an album called Zooma which is really good.

It touches on a lot of the styles of Led Zeppelin.

It's all instrumental - sort of like listening to Imagrent Song without vocals.

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Robert Plant:

Sixty Six To Timbuktu is an essential purchace for any Zeppelin fan IMO.

Dreamland is worth it just for "Morning Dew."

Mighty Rearranger is Plant's best rock album by far, on amazon.fr you can buy (well you could, dont know if you still can) a special tour edition which features a special live bonus disc.

Raising Sand is mind blowingly good.

Jimmy Page:

Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes Live At The Greek is an amazing live album and shows that Jimmy can still rock without the other Zep members.


The Page/Plant No Quarter CD is an interesting album featuring world music versions of Zep songs as well as some great original ones, "City Don't Cry" is amazing.

From what I've heard of the Walking Into Clarksdale album its worth getting but its not like Zeppelin.

Haven't heard any of JPJ's solo stuff so I cant really advise you there.

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