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Help me Identify This Show


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  This is my first time posting in this thread and I am a life long Led Zeppelin fan.  I was looking for records at a garage sale last weekend like I always do and came across an interesting Led Zeppelin bootleg.  The records were in a generic white sleeve and the songs were hand written on the labels.  I of course recognized it as Led Zeppelin and bought the album but can't seem to find the show online and the record contains live covers I cannot find online.  Now Side A has "September 73" but I cannot find record of Led Zeppelin playing a show during that time.  The set list is:

Side A: 

Immigrant Song


Since Ive Been Loving You

Black Dog

Side B:

Dazed and Confused

Side C:

Stairway to Heaven

Thats The Way

Going To California

Side D:

Mary Lou

She Left Me


I Want You


Again this is a bootleg with hand written labels.  Does anyone know what show this is and if I possibly found a rare recording?

Thank You

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Sounds like you've got one of the myriad pressings of the Sept. 14, 1971 Berkeley, CA tape. Often mislabeled as being from the Forum in '72 and commonly titled "Going to California".

There are two ways to be sure. First, play side A. At first the sound will be in mono. Then after the first verse of Heartbreaker the sound should switch to spacious stereo.

Another way to tell is if the beginning guitar intro to Since I've Been Loving You is cut.

Next, look at the run off grooves and copy down the matrix numbers on each side of the record. Google the numbers and you will be able to determine the label and year of your bootleg pressing.

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3 hours ago, jsj said:

the songs on side four are titled

hello mary lou / my baby left me / mess of a blues / ??

Those are the songs in the Whole Lotta Love medley. "I Want You Bonny Airport" is a dead giveaway. This was a mislabel particular to the "Going to California" bootleg. Also the order of songs on side C fits exactly...Stairway, That's the Way, Going to California.

It's 9.14.71 Berkeley. I guarantee it.

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There are no run out matrix on the albums.  Yes the banter mentioned earlier about the beatniks

10 hours ago, chillumpuffer said:

Does Plant say " there was a pollution alert today as I lost my voice" ? Or "you should have come last night, Several bowler hatted beatnicks" Then it's Berkeley. Great show and one of the best Whole Lotta Loves there is


Yes he does say that on side A between songs.  Thank you for the help.

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