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New Jimmy Page Biography Released

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1 hour ago, Mithril46 said:

Those two books, yes the authors get bizarrely self-important and just ridiculous at times, but in my Zep collection of 25-30

books, overall the books are well written and do have a good amount of previously unknown or pretty obscure facts. IMHO,

for some strange reason many Zep books only succeed if they are focused in on one aspect of the band, like their live

performances, or how every song recorded in the studio came about, or the many mainly photo books. Anyway , somehow

my phrase about Page being just as macho as he is feminine, got really misunderstood. Maybe a better way to put it is

once Jimmy got mad about something, his "femininity " went out the window. I can give examples, but I still remember

what Ritchie Yorke ( wrote 2 or 3 Zep books) said on this radio interview describing individual band members. About Page( I taped this, but this was like 78', tape is shot) Jimmy could be a violent person at times, but he also had this gentility about

him. Believe it or not, John Lennon could be the same way, although not generally known. Page never "sniffed" around for

trouble or looked for fights, but that doesn't mean he wasn't macho in other areas or occasions.

I understood exactly what you meant. It's pretty clear to me when you read a lot about the guy.

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Saw an interview with Wall once where, totally unbidden, he went: 'No, I won't read your fucking manuscript!'
Oh, ok. Can't remember anyone asking him, but there you go.
I remember how he used to bang on about how he'd been Sabbath's press officer and how awful, boring and miserable they were - and then he wrote a book about them for the money.

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