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  1. I wouldn’t watch this crap even if I had a ride to the “show,” free tickets and it was a block away. This is what happens to aging losers when they refuse to get jobs later in life. Red Rocker . . Lol. Pathetic.
  2. Not my style at all, but the prices are actually not bad at all. I’ve several pairs of Alden and Viberg shoes/boots and quality costs. I think most people are used to buying Chinese made slave labor trash (whether they know it or not) and that’s how they base cost/value. High quality shoes and clothing made in Europe and the USA are not cheap by any stretch. What the USA does make is crappy cars and motorcycles. Lol.
  3. Best take away is he gave props the the genius of Lou Reed.
  4. U need to get off the pipe and get a life. Lol
  5. I applaud them, but wouldn’t pay, less cross the street to see them. Lol.
  6. It would be much cooler if it was a stencil and came with a paint kit. Then you could paint your own. Better than a crappy ass sticker.
  7. I must agree. The most level-headed and well thought reply on the subject.
  8. Half Hebrew Dee? Who gives a fuck what that twat has to say. Fucker never been in a real band and he looks like a transsexual orangutan.
  9. Sorry man, you look like a clown wearing that outfit. Crap, even if Page could fit into his he wouldn’t sport it. It’s 2018.
  10. Page has been done for 15 years. Get over it.
  11. If you’d like guys to meet random without a media story don’t be in a huge band. Anonymity goes out the window when you get big. Don’t like it? Don’t be big.
  12. Meh . . Their guitars have sucked since they left Kalamazoo. Tokai (MIJ) has made better guitars for decades.
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