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  1. I seriously doubt Page wrote it with all the theory crap in mind. Prolly played what sounded good.
  2. Lolz. I literally blew a fine Belgian been blast out of my nose seeing this post. Lol. Holy crap. Imagine cutting your yard in that outfit?
  3. Page also stole/borrowed greatly from Bert Jansch. Black Waterside anyone?
  4. Me and my friends liked to take blotter acid and go see TSRS. Fun times many years ago.
  5. On stage he also used a Vox (?) wha pedal set at like 75% closed.
  6. I think part of the equation is being able to make a living wage. An earlier post made a great point about 90% of band proceeds coming from touring. That’s a killer. How many musicians that also have lives can spend that much time on the road in their mid ‘30s?? Most Huge bands like Zep were on autopilot collecting royalties by then. Those days are long gone. It’s amazing to me anyone bothers to try music as a profession anymore.
  7. Nope. It would be DOA with little to no audience. Sadly the world embraces manufactured crap like hip-hop and Taylor Swift pop. Different world and it sucks.
  8. Lol. You must have not heard ITTOD.
  9. Classic. Manufacturers will leave no stone unturned to extort cash from the ignorant and unknowing.
  10. I wouldn’t watch this crap even if I had a ride to the “show,” free tickets and it was a block away. This is what happens to aging losers when they refuse to get jobs later in life. Red Rocker . . Lol. Pathetic.
  11. Not my style at all, but the prices are actually not bad at all. I’ve several pairs of Alden and Viberg shoes/boots and quality costs. I think most people are used to buying Chinese made slave labor trash (whether they know it or not) and that’s how they base cost/value. High quality shoes and clothing made in Europe and the USA are not cheap by any stretch. What the USA does make is crappy cars and motorcycles. Lol.
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